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5 ways to Increase Your Website Reach with Multi-language Support

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Not expanding user experience via Multi-language support for your website can keep your business stagnant or even cause a regression. Here’s how:

Did you know that 74% of Internet users don’t speak English?

With 4.66 billion internet users worldwide and English being the most spoken language in the world, website owners tend to lean towards only English when building their website.

If 74% of internet users don’t speak English or understand it, this means that there are over 3 billion internet users that aren’t visiting your website not because they don’t want to but because they’re unable to interact with it!

Implementing Multilingual Support extends user experience to visitors who don’t speak English or are more comfortable conversing in another language.

Why Multi-language Support is Important to your Website

By offering your customers different languages to choose from when browsing your company website, you make your website user friendly, reduce bounce rate, increase traffic and build a loyal customer base.

Increasing website reach is important for many reasons:

Your company’s online presence becomes more visible which helps you reach different parts of the world, your visitors equate potential clients which in turn means more opportunities for leads, partnerships and relationships that build trust and help you gain new customers while keeping the old ones.

How Multi-language Support helps you Increase your Website Reach

  1. Reach a larger audience

With only 26% of English internet users in the world, you can leverage this by creating an opportunity for 74% of non-English users to access your site with ease.

By simply opting for website browsing in Chinese, you can attract 19.4% of internet users to your website!

By opting for more languages worldwide, you stand a chance to reach customers all over the world.

  1. Reduce Bounce rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your website who leave the website after viewing just one page rather than continuing to explore other pages on your website.

Bounce rates are very important because they tell if your page content is relevant and if it confuses your site visitors.

Your bounce rates can increase for a lot of reasons and one of them includes a lack of versatility in language.

Internet users can view your website but being unable to navigate through it because they don’t understand English can cause them to leave your website after viewing just one page.

But extending user experience to people who don’t speak English can help reduce bounce rate and…

  1. Increase Conversion Rates

If your website extends user experience in a plethora of languages, you’re sure to increase conversion rates.

This is because 74% of internet users may not have their needs properly catered to online and may opt for in-person dealings where they’d have interpreters and translators on standby

But implementing Multi-language support will allow non-English internet users satisfy their needs thus converting mere website visitors into customers.

It is obvious that Multilingual Support for your website is beneficial, but what practical steps can you take to practical ways to increase your website reach?

5 Ways to Increase your Website Reach with Multi-language Support

  1. Research

Depending on your targeted market and its location, make extensive research on their popularly spoken languages. You can also look into the minor languages and create a spreadsheet of the number of language speakers that use the internet.

  1. Hire a team

After conducting research, hire a team of preferably native speakers of the languages you plan to implement in your website. This team will consist of translators and interpreters who will translate your website into the preferred languages.

  1. Hire an SEO professional

A professional Search Engine Optimizer is important when wanting to rank high. This is because search engines are different in certain countries. For example, while Google is popular in most parts of the world, Baidu is predominant in China and Yandex in Russia.

  1. Implement Multilingual Customer Service

Multilingual customer service facilitates customer communication, gives you a competitive advantage, boosts customer satisfaction and even augments sales. An easy way to do this is by creating a chatbox on your site which would enable virtual assistants provide multilingual support to your visitors.

  1. Evaluate and Re-evaluate

As the world is ever-changing and advancing, the percentage of internet users is liable to increase, the number of people interacting in a certain language can also increase or decrease and SEO practices are bound to change.

Take some time out to evaluate these changes and how they affect your website and then re-evaluate.


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