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Here’s Why You Need Your Own Home Studio

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Owning your own home studio as a voice actor is a no-brainer. Picture this scenario:

You roll out of bed in the morning with tons of projects from clients on your desk. You’ve booked a session at the nearest studio and you have to be there in the next hour.

Unfortunately, it’s been raining for hours and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

Your clients are counting on you to meet the deadline.

What do you do?

You step out into the rain with an umbrella and make your way to the studio.

You’re cold, slightly wet and it’s just a bad start to your day.

But you push all the negative feelings away and begin to work on the projects and finally, you head back home and send them in.

But it seems like your clients have some issues and would like for you to tweak them. So, they ask for it to be revised.

They’re expecting it the next day.

This is your reality – visiting studios every day regardless of weather conditions just to get a couple of jobs done.  

When people hire you for your expertise; they expect discipline when it comes to deadlines and submissions.

And meeting deadlines is crucial when trying to build your career as a voice actor.

It gives you credibility and shows you’re disciplined which in turn boosts your ratings.

This way, more people would want to work with someone as diligent as you!

But the possibility of missing deadlines isn’t impossible when you don’t have your own home studio.

Matter of factly, meeting deadlines isn’t the only reason to own a home studio…

Here’s why you should invest in a home studio today:

It saves you money:

Often times, hiring studios to record your voice overs could leave you at a loss.

You end up spending more money than you receive trying to book an hour or two just to record.

Although the initial cost of purchasing voice over equipment for your home set up might seem a lot, you should know that it saves you a lot of cash in the long run.

The money you spend hiring studios could be more than enough to build your own home studio and eventually create a lot of profit.

Less money hiring studios = more money saved.

It allows for flexibility:

Not only does a home studio save you money but it also allows you to work with flexible hours.

With your own home set up, you can record voice overs at your own time instead of adhering to strict schedules created by studios.

You can hop in and hop out and deliver as many voice overs with as many revisions as necessary all at your own convenience!

It frees you from the stress of hiring studios:

Recording client voice overs at studios comes with a lot of pressure. From trying to meet your scheduled time to pressure to get it right during your allocated time in order to avoid revisions and so on.

Most times, voice actors dread the idea of revisions and this is especially worse if they have to make several visits to a studio.

It drains their pockets, their energy and most importantly their motivation.  

Instead of enriching your pockets, you end up enriching the pockets of the studio’s owner.

It gives you an opportunity to explore your creativity:

Practice makes perfect has never been more apt. Practicing your voice-over acting skills is a necessity if you want to be an excellent voice actor.

And with a home studio, you can do this whenever you please and however you desire without incurring the cost of hiring a studio.

No more making of needless trips just to practice a new accent or a foreign language…

With your own home setup, you can develop your voice-over skills and improve them every day at ease!

As a voice-over artist, owning a home studio is something to consider and invest in. You wouldn’t want to be caught up in conditions that aren’t feasible simply because you don’t have your own home set up. With a few voice-over equipment, motivation, and hard work, your home studio will be up and ready for use!

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  1. Somebi Onyiriuba

    This makes so much sense. Some of these reasons are why I recently set up my own home studio. It’s way easier to work with. I Love this write up❤️

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