5 ways to Increase Your Website Reach with Multi-language Support


With 4.66 billion internet users worldwide and English being the most spoken language in the world, website owners tend to lean towards only English when building their website. Not expanding user experience via Multi-language support for your website can keep your business stagnant or even cause a regression. See 5 ways to increase your website reach with multi-language support.

3 Proven Ways Multilingual Customer Chat Support Will Boost Your Customer Satisfaction

multilingual customer chat support

Why should you have multilingual customer chat support? Well, for one, the world is certainly multilingual and if you hold out hopes to reach a potentially global audience, you can’t expect to do so without having a customer support experience in the different languages of the people you would be interacting with. It therefore becomes […]

How to Deliver an Effective Multilingual Customer Service

customer service

According to Forbes, poor customer services alone have made businesses lose $75 billion but delivering an effective multilingual customer service can grow your business, give you a higher advantage and boost your sales. Learn how to deliver an effective multilingual customer service and gain these advantages.