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Content Localization: High-paying Freelance Writing Niches in 2022

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Smart clients hire freelance writers that know how to cut their onions well. As a freelance writer, having a perfect freelance writing niche is one sure way to close high-paying clients.

So niching down is a great technique for you to land your dream freelancing job. If you are a freelance writer or looking forward to starting your career in freelancing you are in the right place.

With tons of profitable freelance writing niches, picking a random niche is not the best option. That is one problem common with most freelance writers.

Hence, this ultimate guide will walk you through everything you need to know about profitable freelance writing niches in 2022 and how to get these jobs. Let’s dive in. 

What is a Freelance Writing Niche?

Specialising in one content topic or type is called a freelance writing niche. It is moving away from the general writing area, to some specific and unique niche. It is a segment on which you would base most of your writing.

In simple terms, the freelance writing niche is having a focused area in writing like SEO writing, white papers or blog posts, where you know that you have adequate knowledge of writing.

A writing niche could either be a topic like cryptocurrency, blockchain, technology, automobiles, finance, travel or food amongst others.

It could also refer to a content type like articles, case studies, white papers, social media posts or blog posts etc. But one common thing that describes a freelance writing niche is that it can be about anything unique to you as the writer. 

It’s no longer news that clients are willing to pay higher rates to freelance writers who understand their field and audience.

People say the riches are in the niches, and that is absolutely correct because picking a niche makes you a specialist and it connects you with prospective businesses and clients that are willing to pay more. So, deciding on your freelance writing niche as a freelance writer benefits you in the long run. 

Profitable Freelance Writing Niches in 2022

The profitability of a writing niche depends on the rate of demand or supply in that specific industry. It could also be determined by the trend in writing at that point in time.

Hence, changes in events and happenings in the world like pandemics could affect some niches which could make them crippled overnight. For instance, topics on travel used to be in high demand, but during Covid-19, the demand rate dropped. 

So let’s get into the top freelance writing niches for 2022 and how to get these jobs. For a helpful list of possibilities, here are some of the most profitable freelance writing niches:


pexels david mcbee 730552Cryptocurrency is one of the booming industries in freelancing, and it is a trend that has come to stay. Cryptocurrencies are decentralised digital currencies that verify and record virtual transactions.

They are a type of digital currency that can’t be controlled and maintained by a single person or entity but rather by a decentralised system. 

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are part of the top growing skills individuals should acquire because of how technology has impacted the world. Despite being a new and hot topic, it is in high demand as a niche.

As a freelance writer, you can easily find jobs in this niche because businesses and brands are constantly looking for crypto writers to perform the following duties:

  • Write blogs posts and articles for crypto websites.
  • Write copies and newsletters related to crypto.
  • Curate content for social media handles to mention a few. 

Just as the name sounds, cryptocurrency is a technical topic that is a bit hard for individuals to understand. So as a freelance writer that understands cryptocurrency and knows how to engage readers on the topic, this is a perfect niche for you.

The best part is that there is room for more writers in this field, which makes the demand higher than the supply.

Tips on how to get started: 

  • Learn cryptocurrency and how it works. You can document your findings in the form of a blog post or article and share them on your website, blogs or social media handles. 
  • Also, share valuable tips for potential investors and enthusiasts in the field. You can also sign up for newsletters and publications on cryptocurrency to stay updated on the latest trend in the industry. With all these, you are surely on your way to landing a high-paying writing gig as a cryptocurrency freelance writer. 
  • Digital Marketing 

pexels pixabay 265087 1Digital Marketing is a saturated niche but it is still part of the top freelance writing niches in 2022. Today, every business and brand one way or another needs digital marketing either to boost sales, promote a product, engage readers and customers or attract clients. The demand for digital marketing writers who have experience is very high. Writers in this niche earn a relatively high income too.

Digital Marketing requires writers to stay updated and in trend. This helps in knowing what engages and attracts prospects which also nurtures them into becoming customers. As the world is going digital, businesses and brands need online visibility. They also need content that will explain their product and service to readers. There are various subtopics in this industry that one can write about. Some of them are:

  • Content Marketing
  • SEO Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing etc. 
  • Tips on how to get started: 
  • To get started in this niche, you need to acquire knowledge of digital marketing either from online courses or paid courses. To implement all you learnt, you can start a personal blog using WordPress. Also, research and read more about digital marketing in order to stay updated. Doing this will keep you in a better position to attract high-paying clients. 
  • Finance 

pexels pixabay 164527Finance is also another top freelance writing niche over the years now. Writing about money is an every time trend that never becomes outdated. Day in and day out, customers spend millions using credit cards, bank apps, loans, and other banking products. This tells us that there is a need for content in the financial world as well. 

Recently, there has been a high need for finance freelance writers and there will always be a high demand. Currently, banks and other financial-related institutions are looking for experts in this niche. They allocate a lot of money for marketing, which tells you how profitable this niche is. 

Individuals with background knowledge in banking, accountancy, insurance, shares, stocks, budgeting and other related topics have an added advantage. Banks, accounting firms, investment companies, mortgage lenders, and credit card companies need writers to educate their customers. Finance writers are also well-paid.

Tips on how to get started:

  • As a freelancer with an interest in this industry, you will need to be detail-oriented. Always check and verify your facts and figures. If you are a new finance writer, find any finance-related topic you feel comfortable writing about. 
  • Technology

pexels olia danilevich 4974912Technology is one of the least affected writing industries and also part of the profitable niches. Technology has been very instrumental in helping businesses survive. Today, there is a high demand for technology writers. This niche covers topics on automobiles, mobile devices, computers, software etc. 

Technology niche is the best niche for individuals with technical experience in programming, coding, machine learning, artificial intelligence or other related technology topics. When one combines this knowledge with a specialised form of writing like blog posts, white papers, or ultimate guides, then that individual has built a good ground with his potential. Technology writers are highly sought after and also well paid. 

Tips on how to get started:

  • Have background knowledge of technology or make research on this niche. The good thing is that you can easily learn about technology when compared to the other listed niches. Try to document your findings. Seek out guest posting opportunities and start sharing your findings in the form of articles and web content. 
  • Travel

pexels oleksandr pidvalnyi 1008155Travel writing is another profitable niche for freelance writers. There are many individuals out there seeking out information relating to travels, and relocations. These set of writers curate content on travelling and they work with travel agencies booking companies and travel publications. 

  • Travel writers are saddled with the responsibility of writing on the following: 
  • Their own specific experiences of certain destinations.
  • Tourist review.
  • Travel lifestyle.
  • Travel guide
  • Restaurants reviews in the various locations
  • Hotel review.

As a travel freelance writer, you must be skilled in storytelling. That is what would lure your audience and keep them more engaged. They earn well like other writers in other niches.

Tips on how to get started:

  • If you are a travel and tourism enthusiast, travel writing might be perfect for you. You would need to be ready to do many travelling, visiting and tours around the world then document your experience. With this, you have a good starting point as a travel writer. 
  • Online Courses

pexels polina tankilevitch 4443181E-learning is a trending industry in freelancing. According to Forbes, it is expected to climb to $325 billion by 2025. Currently, individuals have realised that you do not necessarily need to pass through the traditional learning methods again. There are various online courses, and these course creators are also looking for freelance writers to hire. They hire writers to take part in the written area of the courses. 

A good number of them need writers with experience, expertise and a background in teaching. One of the good things about writing for this niche is that it is easy to upsell other services like emails, video scripts, blog articles and social media posts.

Tips on how to get started:

  • Seek out online course creators that you can volunteer to help create content for their courses. This would allow you to gather experience before you start landing gigs in this niche. 

Bottom Line

Deciding on a freelance writing niche is the secret to freelancing success and this guide contains the profitable niches you could try out. As a freelance writer, getting a job is one of your challenges. 

iVoiceAfrica understands this and is here to help. We’re currently building our freelance writing pool and encourage you to sign up so we can contact you should we have any openings that suit your skills. 

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