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How To Make Good Advertising Jingles

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Brand jingles are songs with commercials in them. They may be broadcast as audio or visual advertisements. They can be distributed via radio, television, pre-movie ads, and streaming digital music services, among other media.

They make excellent audio advertisements because the song itself can be instructive enough without the use of a visual. In this article, we’ll concentrate on audio jingles.

The potential of audio jingles is limitless. As long as you make the content interesting, you can include almost any information used to promote the advantages of a product or raise consumer awareness of a brand.

A jingle uses music and lyrics to communicate details about a business or product. Small businesses may ask members of their creative teams to create jingles or hire jingle writers to write music.

Learn to create a strong, memorable jingle for all of your business advertisements if you have a product to sell or want to establish your brand with customers.

How to make good advertising jingles

Everyone has been there: you watch a TV commercial, and three weeks later, you’re still humming the same upbeat tune that jokingly nudges you to buy a soft drink, take your car in for a new muffler, or switch insurance providers. This is the enigmatic practice of jingle writing.

Here are some tips to help you create a good advertising jingle.

Research other jingles

Watch channels that are more geared toward young people, pay attention to commercials, and listen to everything. Which musical genres are featured in those commercials? Are they electronic dance music or quirky acoustic songs?

You can get a sense of what the market is looking for by watching and listening to what is currently available.

Keep your jingles short and simple

An effective commercial jingle is not a highly technical piece of writing that only the educated can comprehend. A jingle should be a concise piece of poetry too.

The better, the clearer and more succinct. Your jingle’s “lyrics” should ideally contain no more than a sentence and no more than a few words. You are on the right track if a child can recite and comprehend your jingle.

Make sure your jingles are catchy and memorable

Your commercial should have catchy music and catchy lyrics. Catchy is the same as memorable. Your brand will be associated more favourably with the more endearing catchy jingle sounds.

On the other hand, there are a few annoying jingles rather than catchy ones. One might counter that the annoying jingle is also effective if it helps the customer remember the brand.

Go for positive emotional appeal

In keeping with the previous idea, you want your commercial to make people feel good about your company. These emotions depend on the nature of your brand, of course, but they also depend on the jingle’s music and lyrics. So be careful how you use words and musical instruments.

Even though your commercial will only contain a few words that a young child could recite, it should still convey the essence of your company. Once more, pick your words carefully. This advice might be disregarded if a slogan line is used.

Effects of advertisement jingles on brands and businesses

Traditional jingles are becoming less common in the industry, but this is just a trend. It in no way diminishes the enormous effectiveness of its influence on marketing.

Consumers are still very open to advertisements like Mac Donald’s “I’m loving’ it!” even though its popularity is rapidly declining. Jingles continue to be a strong competitor in giving consumers a genuine impression of a brand.

Jingles last longer

Jingles, whether they are palatable or well-liked, can stay in the mind for a very long time if they are done well. And this is the actual science that supports that.

The limbic system, which manages memories and processes emotions, is activated by music, which has a strong emotional connection. As a result, its melodic structure, rhythm, and sound patterns induce an echoed memory.

Echoic memory, which is defined as the retention of information specific to auditory stimuli, is typically retained longer than visual memories.

Jingles can be effectively unavoidable

Jingle campaigns typically last a long time, and repeated exposure helps consumers remember the advertisement more deeply. The audience takes in everything, especially with audio channels. We frequently use the television’s commercial breaks to get a bag of chips or use the restroom.

However, if you are listening to the radio or a music streaming service, it’s likely that you are doing something else at the same time. It seems unnecessary to switch channels just to avoid a 30-second commercial. That’s because we all know that the advertisement, however annoying it may be, will end quickly.

Because of this, short and sweet audio jingles are especially well-suited for streaming services like Spotify. On Spotify, which has about 124 million non-premium users, the company has recently begun blocking any of them who use ad-blockers. Given how popular today’s music streaming services are, having a catchy jingle played would undoubtedly raise brand awareness or return on investment.

Jingles are powerful sources of nostalgia

Jingles may be regarded as archaic, but they can open the door to sentimental ideas. The well-known style of upbeat music and catchy rhymes can bring back fond memories for your audience. Jingles evoke nostalgia and longing for an unreachable past. Additionally, studies have shown that emotional commercials perform twice as well as those without.

Therefore, these advertisements stand out from the crowd by creating an emotional connection between customers and your brand. Customers who feel more are more receptive to your brand’s message and may be more likely to act.

Key Takeaways

Decide how long the jingle should be. Take into account the platforms your small business will use for advertising. For instance, you might require a jingle that is 30 seconds long or one that is one minute long.

Use the core message and the genre you chose to set the message to music. Allow for a brief musical introduction and conclusion, with the actual message in the center. Time yourself to ensure that the jingle is the appropriate length.

You’ll need to obtain copyright authorization if you choose to use an old song that belongs to someone else.


So you’re aware, or have been reminded, of the advantages of advertising with music. Even so, you might not feel comfortable creating your own jingle. Perhaps you lack the necessary technology or musical ability. Never fear, iVoiceAfrica has a creative team that will create the most effective marketing jingles for your brand or business.









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