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Our Translation Services

Our Translation Services

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Patent Translation

Protecting your intellectual property internationally has never been more important. iVoiceAfrica provides certified translation of patents and intellectual property (IP) documents into any African language.

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Transcription Services

Employing our transcription services eliminates backtracking and increases flexibility. We have transcribers hired across different fields that ensure timely delivery and maximum accuracy.

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Interpretation Services

Overcome language barriers and facilitate communication with our on-site and video remote interpretation services. Our interpretation services ensure a pleasant and productive experience with participants.

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Literary Translation

Communicating literature with audiences from different cultural roots and backgrounds can be complex. But our translators incorporate the appropriate cultural nuances, humour, feelings and emotions to facilitate interactions and emotions.

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Software Translation

We translate your user interface to whatever African language, but it doesn't end there! Narrow it down to your error and system messages, help files, and more! Our translation team ensures that your content is adapted to suit the local culture of your target audience.

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Legal Translation

Ensure that your documents are translated according to the legal terms in your desired language. Translate birth and marriage certificates, contracts, agreements, treaties, memorandums, wills, and any legal document with utmost reliability.

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Technical Translation

Guaranteed high-quality documents, including user guides, manuals, how-tos, training and marketing materials in any technical field. We’ve got you covered with tech inustry translators.

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Medical Translation

Disseminate information with legal compliance and avoid guesswork with our medical translation. Our native African translators are expired, in-country professionals and have the requisite knowledge to translate all your medical content into your preferred African language.

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Financial Translation

Need bank records, statements and account statements translated for easy comprehension? We’ve got you covered with accurate and precise translations down to the currency/figure change!

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