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We’re Hiring! African Voice Artists

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We receive a lot of requests for projects involving African languages at iVoiceAfrica.

As a result, we are looking to expand our database of African voice artists, particularly minority languages.

These are the key features we require in candidates:

  • High precision in terms of meaning, punctuation, grammar, formatting
  • Commitment to projects with a fast turnaround time 
  • Responsiveness to emails, calls or communication of any kind. 
  • Must be a native speaker and proficient in the language.

If you have relevant experience and want to join our freelance pool, please click here and fill out the form!

About iVoiceAfrica

We are a translation and localization company that specializes in brand identity and language solutions for businesses all over the world.

We assist our clients in reaching African markets by connecting them with their audiences and providing the best customer experience in any African language. 

See our about page to learn more about us. 


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