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3 Proven Ways Multilingual Customer Chat Support Will Boost Your Customer Satisfaction

Why should you have multilingual customer chat support? Well, for one, the world is certainly multilingual and if you hold out hopes to reach a potentially global audience, you can’t expect to do so without having a customer support experience in the different languages of the people you would be interacting with. It therefore becomes imperative for a business that seeks to function internationally.

It is also vital if a meaningful segment of your customer base speaks a language other than the primary language of your business. Multilingual customer chat support offers a choice to your customers to communicate and interact with your business in a language they can more easily understand, which makes them more likely to purchase your products and/or services.

According to the International Customer Management Institute’s (ICMI) 2014 report, providing assistance in a native language boosted customer support satisfaction and brand loyalty. Studies and reports also show that 71.5% of customer service leaders claim that support in a native’s own language increases satisfaction. 

Furthermore, 74% of customers are more likely to repurchase or use services again when after-sales care is available in their own language. Often, even when customers basically understand your business’ primary language, most would rather conduct business in their own language because it makes for a more satisfying experience.

 In what ways can adopting multilingual customer chat support boost your customer satisfaction? And what major things should you consider when adopting Multilingual customer Chat Support?

How Multilingual Customer Chat Support Boosts Your Customer Satisfaction

1. Communicate more effectively in the languages your leads or clients speak:

How would your potential customers be able to purchase your products and services or make inquiries if neither you nor they can understand a word? Remain sensitive to your client’s needs by bridging the communication gap. Know where your online traffic is coming from and what specific geographic areas your team has struggled with understanding or being understood by.

Providing clients with the option to chat with you in the language they are most comfortable with helps them express their concerns better. Not only will your customers be much more satisfied, but offering multilingual options increases the possibility of being able to reach more customers.

2. Clarity and Brand loyalty through employing the services of native speakers:

It is always best to work with native speakers who can communicate naturally in the language of interest.  Many clients can spot non-native speakers and prefer dealing with native representatives. By interacting with speakers who share a common heritage with them, they would be more inclined to view the brand as one of their own.

Not only does this create employment opportunities for locals, but customers are also more likely to experience brand loyalty when they feel that the brand recognizes and respects their culture and language. Employing the services of a native speaker would also help to avoid mistakes with wording or phrasing of the language, therefore minimizing misinterpretations.

 3. Saving Time and Effort :

Having multilingual customer chat support boosts the quality and efficiency of your service. It quickens the process of interacting with customers, saving both them and your team time, energy and resources. It also eases the process of making inquiries and purchases. Your customers or clients being able to express their needs and get a swift response without having to struggle to interpret or understand is a simple and surefire way to have a record of impressed and satisfied customers.

Unavailability of multilingual customer chat support tends to increase difficulty and decrease the productivity of interactions. Poor customer support costs companies $75 billion annually, based on NewVoiceMedia’s 2018 Serial Switchers report. According to Statista’s 2018 survey among U.S. customers, 44 per cent of respondents stopped doing business with a company because of poor client support.

Indeed, the internet has opened up businesses to a global market where they can reach a world of new customers. With business growth, it becomes important to seek ways of meeting the needs of customers from different cultures and who speak different languages. Adopting multilingual customer chat support provides several benefits, such as a competitive advantage, accessing a wider market, building loyalty and augmenting sales.

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