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E-commerce localization; Increase Conversion Rates by 70%

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Want to increase conversion rates by 70 per cent? Then e-commerce localization is an absolute must! 

In an event titled “Going Global – Maximizing the International Growth Opportunity through Paid Search,” Sri Sharma, the managing director of Net Media Planet, revealed that, on average, their clients saw a 70 per cent increase in conversion when their websites were fully localised! 

This spike in conversion rates is thanks to reaching customers in a natural and easy way! 

E-commerce localization is the edge that you need

Currently, only 4.83 per cent of people worldwide speak English as their mother tongue, yet English makes up 55.5% of all languages used online. This means that there’s more English content than English speakers worldwide. 

This gap represents a need for businesses to improve customer experience and satisfaction by localising their products and services to be more culturally adapted to their customers. 

Although creating unique products and services is essential when building a business, sometimes it just isn’t enough. Custom-tailored e-commerce localization is the edge that your business needs to expand globally and increase conversion rates by 70%

What is E-commerce Localization?

E-commerce localization is the process of adapting your e-commerce store or business so that it seems natural to your target audience. This includes localising your website and all its content, app, date and address formats, local currency conversions, and units of measurement. 

Providing your customers with products and service information in a way that fosters engagement helps increase customer experience. 

In 2021, more than 48 per cent of organisations worldwide revealed that improving customer engagement is one of the most critical drivers of customer experience. 

How E-commerce Localisation Increases Conversion Rates

According to CSA research, 40% of Internet users will not buy products online if the information is not in their language. 


  • Customers need to be aware of what they’re purchasing and why they should buy it from you before they make a purchase. Localising your business will ultimately result in happier customers by allowing customers to make informed decisions about your goods. 


  • While some translation errors are hilarious, your marketing may contain offensive content. 


  • Customers return to brands as a result of the overall customer experience. Including product localization and customer service is a vital strategy to deliver the best customer experience and increase conversion.

Localization and Translation

Localization and Translation go hand in hand. A carefully translated text can improve your SEO/SEM, increase web traffic and, in turn, increases conversion rates. 

But simply translating the texts of your website to a target language is not what localization and translation are about.

Instead, localization involves:

  • Properly researching the new target audience and looking for knowledgeable native specialists.
  • Making sure you understand said target audience’s way of life and expectations.
  • Adapting everything about what you say and how you say it so that your message is persuasively passed across to them.

7 Companies That Have Got It Right


The Google search page alone is translated into 149 languages, and Google still plans to include more languages. A representative from Google, Martijn Bertisen, spoke on strategies they have used successfully to drive international growth through search and display. 

He specifically recommended translating website content into the local language to increase conversion. And this could be why they have about 4.3 billion users worldwide. 

He also stated that machine translation was better than no translation but conceded that machine translation wasn’t perfect, so we would advise MTPE. 


With an average of over 18 billion page views per month, Wikipedia is one of the most visited pages in the world. With more than 320 languages available, Wikipedia ranks highly as one of the most localised websites in the world.


Alibaba is the largest Chinese e-commerce store that can boast of 903 million active users in the first quarter of 2022. The website is translated into 16 languages.


Tripadvisor is among the most prominent travel guidance platforms and has about 490 million active monthly users. It is available in 28 languages, allowing it to cater to many international users.


This brand is translated into ten languages, and around 197 million people visit the top e-commerce store monthly.


Coca-cola is still relevant in over 200 countries even after a hundred years since its inception. A fantastic thing about their website is each country has its own domain. The company’s website has been visited over 1.8 million times.


There are 62 languages on Netflix, including some rare ones like Quechua, Assamese, and Wolof. The streaming platform can boast of 21.64 million paid subscribers worldwide as of the first quarter of 2022.

How To Localize Your E-commerce Store

Market Analysis

An in-depth analysis of the countries you want to expand into is a great way to start. 

Follow this up with an analysis of your competitors. Find out what they’re doing, what’s working and what isn’t and capitalise on that. 

Examining the performance of various marketing channels across the nation is also crucial.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Proper website localization involves multilingual SEO research and optimisation. By doing this, you ensure that customers searching for what you sell can reach your website. Knowing the appropriate keywords to rank per region will increase your site’s clicks.

Use of Professional Translators

Hire professional translators instead of relying solely on machine translation.  Machine translation often provides inaccurate text and fails to convey emotions, which leads to information getting lost in translation. Human translators, on the other hand, help you accurately translate text per your consumer’s cultural nuances and behaviours

Social Media Localization 

Since one-third of people worldwide use social media, your company can achieve a lot if you communicate your brand story to various audiences in their native tongue.

With social media, your goal should be to maintain a contextual and culturally accurate, meaningful dialogue with your listeners. It’s best to hire a competent localization team that will oversee the localization of your social media content. 

Increase your conversion rates with iVoiceAfrica 

iVoiceAfrica specialises in the African market localization. We have resources across the continent that can provide necessary Intel and information about your preferred market and target audience 

We can help you: 

  • localize your e-commerce business, 
  • Bridge language gaps and penetrate new markets 
  • Increase your conversion rates 

Some of our localization services include: 

  • Website localization
  • Software localization
  • Language localization
  • Social media management
  • Local SEO 
  • Multilingual email and chat support 
  • Product localization 

Contact us to start your localization process today! 

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