• Our focus is on making it easier for you to find voiceover artists, translations, and transcriptions across all the languages of Africa.

  • Translate and transcribe speech and texts from your language to any African language.

  • Hire professional voice actors, and onsite/remote interpreters in any African language.

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    What we offer

    We are reinventing how information is being shared, how stories are being told and how brand communication is being done in African Languages.

    We started as a voiceover company, but today, we have grown into an all-inclusive language & localization company, and has left our imprints in over 24 countries in Africa.

    Through our language and localization services, we are creating values and solutions to businesses thereby maintaining the existence of all African Languages. We’ve got you covered in English, French and African Languages.

    Our Solutions

    Translation and Language Solutions

    We translate into any desired African Language. Our language experts are available for interpretation, voiceovers, subtitling and transcription into any African Language.

    Digital Content Management

    Our team of SEO expert are available to execute your website localization projects and give your website the best visibility and reach in any African language.

    Brand Management and African Language Consulting

    We help brands and businesses create & launch campaigns, create and manage social media pages. We help solve any problems regarding African languages


    African Languages Tutoring

    With our professional language tutors, we create an engaging experience for you to learn African Languages on the go.

    We offer a range of services that involve voiceovers, transcriptions, and translations, including:


    Differentiate your brand and amplify your message to the ends of Africa. We help you manage your social media accounts and launch campaigns targeted to helping your business grow in Africa.

    Our team of expert social media managers are on deck to give your business the growth experience it deserves. Subscribe to a plan today.



    We offer our services in a wide range of industries.

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    rsz legal
    rsz media
    rsz finance2
    rsz agency
    rsz 2rsz retail and ecom
    rsz dm
    rsz others
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    Oluwatobi Oladipo

    Meet the narrator of the Debut season of the prestigious court room Reality TV Show, The Justice Court. He’s also the CEO of iVoice Africa.

    Educative Blog Posts​

    Our team of professionals work tirelessly not only to provide voiceover services, but also to educate and enlighten you. Dive into our rich blog to get more enlightened!  



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