Audiobook Narration: How to Get Started

Audiobook Narration: How to Get Started

Do you have audiobook narration jobs pending because you’re not sure if it’s worth recording? 

I’ll be honest with you, audiobook narrations are not for everyone and there are a plethora of reasons for this.

But it might not be for you! 

Imagine this scenario: 

You have a novel of over 300 pages to read within a week and you hate reading novels! 

You lie in bed, flipping page after page…

The hours turn into days and you’re struggling to get through one novel…

Now, you’ve been offered a job as a voiceover artist to narrate an audiobook! 

They’re offering you an amount so tempting you just can’t say no! 

But before accepting that job, you need to ask yourself the following questions. 

  • Do you have a passion for reading? 

You definitely need to read the book you’ll be recording and if reading a book drains you so much, why do you think it would be different when money is involved? 

It might motivate you to start but after several takes and retakes it might not seem worth it anymore and you slip back into a state of despair. 

You need to develop a passion for novels and reading and not just because you have a nice voice. 

  • What was your previous career?

Perhaps you had a job as a literature teacher or any teacher in general. This kind of job experience must have pruned you in one way or the other as to what to expect narrating an audiobook. 

It will enable you to sit through hours of retakes and maybe even enjoy the process of bringing a written work to life. 

  • How much time are you willing to invest? 

In a previous post, we discussed why you should pick out a niche and stick to it. 

Narrating audiobooks requires time and patience and you need to ensure that it doesn’t slip into personal time or time that you’ve set aside for another project.

Starting a career as a narrator would require that you manage your time effectively and efficiently because it is easy to fall off track. 

  • What is your pricing list? 

A common question that most voiceover artists ask is: how much do audiobook narrators make? 

Most voiceover artists charge according to their value, time and the nature of the job and evidently, narrating an audiobook seems more tasking and demanding than most voiceover niches.

But the amount of money you make depends on your publisher and your worth. 

So you need to know if the amount of work you’re putting in is worth the amount of money you’re getting in return. 

How to Get Started 

Now that you know if becoming an audiobook narrator is something you should do. The next question is: How? 

It’s not everyday that authors are looking to narrate audiobooks, so, what do you do during that time before you get a gig? 

  • Listen to already recorded audiobooks, watch videos online, read up on the skill and get valuable information.
  • Learn how to portray the voices of different characters seamlessly.
  • Learn different types of narration and techniques in performing. 
  • Develop skills to bring that book to life. A terrible narrator can make even the most interesting book sound boring! 
  • Train your vocal cords so you can speak for hours in the same tone and pitch. 

While you practice ahead of your gig, create a portfolio of several voiceover jobs that show your vocal range and ability. This way when you send demos to major audiobook publishers they know you have something great to offer them. 

You might not work with the biggest producers immediately or even get the genre of book that you desire but with perseverance and hard work, you can reach your goal. 

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