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Audiobook Narration Jobs; Where to Find Them

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The need for audiobook narration jobs is rising as more people keep picking up audiobooks as opposed to ebooks! In 2020, audiobooks in the US were a 1.3 billion dollar industry as 71,000 audiobooks were published! 

The number of audiobooks released yearly has increased immensely in the last ten years and continues to increase. This increase creates a prospect for audiobook narrators looking for audiobook narration jobs.

Getting an audiobook narration job doesn’t have to be difficult, but although tricky, this post covers everything you need to know about getting an audiobook narration job.

Can You Be an Audiobook Narrator?

You’ve been told you have a pleasant voice but is that really all it takes to be an audiobook narrator? 

Do you have a passion for reading? 

Having a passion for reading can ignite the fire to be a narrator, but it might not keep it burning. 

What was your previous career?

If you had a job as a literature teacher, you might be able to sit through hours of retakes and maybe even enjoy the process of bringing a written work to life. 

How much time are you willing to invest? 

Narrating audiobooks requires time and patience, and you need to ensure that it doesn’t slip into your time or time that you’ve set aside for another project. 

What is your price expectation? 

Most voiceover artists charge according to their value, time and the nature of the job, but the amount of money you make depends on your publisher and your worth. 

Preparing to Get an Audiobook Narration Job

  • Listen to audiobooks, watch videos online, read up on the skill and get valuable information.
  • Learn how to portray the voices of different characters seamlessly.
  • Learn different types of narration and techniques in performing. 
  • Develop skills to bring that book to life. A terrible narrator can make even the most exciting book sound boring! 
  • Train your vocal cords for stamina
  • Create a portfolio of several voiceover jobs that show your vocal range and ability.

Where To Find Audiobook Narration Jobs

Freelancing Sites

Upwork – Upwork is a freelancing site that connects sellers and buyers of different kinds. It’s a great way to connect with people who are looking for audiobook narrators. After creating an account and setting up your profile, upwork will help you navigate through it and you can start bidding for jobs! There are tons of audiobook narration jobs on Upwork and after creating a stellar profile with a portfolio, you’ll be able to get amazing jobs. 

Fiverr – Fiverr is another freelancing site that works like Upwork. There’s a process to follow that’s easy and straightforward and after proper setting up, you can land a gig.

Voiceover Companies

iVoiceAfrica – iVoiceAfrica is a voiceover company that serves a wide range of clients. From time to time, the company posts casting calls for different voiceover artists on their social media. The casting calls are majorly for languages other than English so if you’re bilingual or multilingual, you should keep an eye on their socials so you don’t miss an opportunity. 

Organizations like Voices, Voquent and ACX connect audiobook narrators to audiobook narration jobs. Unlike freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr, these companies are tailored towards connecting voiceover artists and clients.

How much do audiobook narrators make? 

Between $100 and $200 per hour. The price range can differ owing to several factors such as the job, and the length of the book among others.

Can anyone be an audiobook narrator?

Yes, anyone can be an audiobook narrator. All you need to do is develop the right skills through practice.

iVoiceAfrica specializes in voiceovers and sometimes holds sessions and webinars to train voiceover artists. Subscribe to our email listing so you never miss an update! 


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