How to Deliver an Effective Multilingual Customer Service

How to Deliver an Effective Multilingual Customer Service

According to Forbes, poor customer services alone have made businesses lose $75 billion.

This isn’t something that will happen in the near future or in ten years to come, this is something that has already happened to a lot of businesses and will continue to happen if customer services aren’t improved.

According to a survey, 86% of customers held that they would continue doing business with a company if there was an emotional connection between them and the customer support representative…

And multilingual customer services can help your business establish an emotional connection between your customer service agent and customer.

In a poll, it was discovered that more than 33% of contact centres can only communicate in ONE language which is quite poor when trying to build an effective customer service.

Owing to poor service, 67% of customers have switched brands and if they’re satisfied where they went, you can be assured they aren’t coming back.

Reasons for Multilingual Customer Services

  1. It gives you a higher advantage

If you’re part of the few businesses that offer multilingual customer services, you’re guaranteed to win the customers of those who don’t. If businesses can lose $75 billion, it means that there are a lot of clients out there looking for something they aren’t offering. Offer it to them and gain a higher advantage.

  1. Grow your business

Is there a community you haven’t reached out to? Then there’s a market that you aren’t serving hence limiting your growth. With effective multilingual customer service, you can confidently reach out to any community, create and establish a relationship and grow your business.

  1. Boost sales

Language is the glue that joins people across the world together. It creates relationships and fosters unity and trust. If 86% of those customers had a connection with their customer service agent, they’d be willing to continue doing business. By taking a hold of this advantage and offering multilingual customer services, you can boost sales.

These are just a few advantages of what effective multilingual customer services can do for your business.

To partake of these benefits, you must learn….

How to Deliver an Effective Multilingual Customer Service in your Business

  1. Do your research

What region are you looking to go into? Africa? Asia? Europe?

What language do they speak? Swahili? Japanese? Italian?

Carry out extensive and intensive research on their culture. Find out the things that are disrespectful when communicating so you can avoid them and the things that are respectful so you can please your customers.

What channels do they use for customer service? Phone calls? Emails? Chatbox?

The answers to these questions will set the foundation for a very effective multilingual customer service.

  1. Hire Professional Native Speakers

You want nothing but the best service for your customers because they help your business grow and without them, you can’t achieve much. Getting professional native speakers to interact with your customers will help greatly.

TIP: If you can, ensure that every member of your staff undergoes professional training on interacting with different kinds of customers.

  1. Ensure to make and keep records

Take surveys now and again to know the needs and wants of your customers and try to meet them. Periodic surveys ensure that you’re not out of tune with your customers, consequently, keeping your company fresh and in tip-top condition.

  1. Keep learning

The more you learn a language, the better you will be able to converse with customers and avoid making silly mistakes. For example, in the Yoruba language, ‘iwo’ means both ‘horn’ and the second person pronoun ‘you


Delivering an effective multilingual customer service can grow your business, give you a higher advantage and boost your sales but without proper interpretation, a bilingual or a multilingual customer support service agent, you can miss out on these benefits.

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