4 Simple Steps to get into the Voiceover Mindset.


Common Voiceover Mistakes and How to Fix ThemA voice actor reads and records copy, scripts, or other written material in a vocal booth, delivering lines directly or performatively, depending on the project’s requirement. The essence of a voiceover artist is to use his voice to communicate to is audience. It’s a process that involves someone […]

3 Proven Ways Multilingual Customer Chat Support Will Boost Your Customer Satisfaction

multilingual customer chat support

Why should you have multilingual customer chat support? Well, for one, the world is certainly multilingual and if you hold out hopes to reach a potentially global audience, you can’t expect to do so without having a customer support experience in the different languages of the people you would be interacting with. It therefore becomes […]

5 Productive Ways Advertising in Multiple language improves your brand.


The Internet keeps growing very fast everyday and also becoming an efficient and effective means of communication. The boundaries of language and geography are ceasing to exist. The language a company use in selling her products and services also makes a significant determinant on whether or not a customer can be swayed to make a […]