7 Tips for Creating an Effective E-learning Voiceover

E-learning voiceover

E-learning is an agenda that has gained popularity over the years but most especially during the pandemic. E-learning voiceovers is a game-changer that not only profits your listeners but also profits you. Click to read 7 steps to create an effective e-learning voiceover.

GOOD VOICEOVER SERVICE – The secret of this season


It’s our favourite time of the year, Santa came in so early. I’m sure you are prepared for Santa’s gifts this period. All of us at ivoiceafrica has received our gifts and we would like to share them with you all. Why do you need a voiceover this period for your business?

Lost in Translation: African Languages Explained

African Languages

Africa has about 2,000 unique languages, which is about a third of all languages in the world. When compared with other continents, Europe has only about 300 languages which is about 85% less than Africa. You might wonder why a continent with just 54 countries has over 2000 languages with different dialects and the simple reason for this is time as well as cultural and political factors.