Xhosa Voiceover

Xhosa is one of the official language of South Africa and is spoken by over 8.1 million people scattered across the globe.

Xhosa voiceovers are frequently requested for jingles, movie dubs, e-learning and many more!

Due to the perfection and competency we provide at iVoiceAfrica, we have received comments from clients vouching our efficiency and effectiveness.

iVoiceAfrica comprises a team of highly recommended professional Xhosa voiceover artists and talents with excellent communication skills and are very committed to delivering exactly what you need.

iVoiceAfrica is a voiceover and translations company with top-quality recording facilities and software based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our team includes native Xhosa speakers, translators, and interpreters at iVoiceAfrica who create distinct voiceovers, translations and interpretations in impressive turnaround time.

We have produced numerous Xhosa voiceovers in iVoiceAfrica using high-quality recording equipment and technology, and our clients consider us as a reliable Xhosa voiceover and translation company to partner with.

At iVoiceAfrica, we’ve recruited talented artists who are fluent in the Xhosa language, and we make certain that these voiceovers and translations go through a rigorous review process to guarantee that our clients receive only the finest results.

We ensure that our Xhosa voiceovers and translations have proper enunciations and inflections, as well as error-free word translations.


With excellence, diligence and discipline, iVoiceAfrica offers the following services in Xhosa language:

  • Voiceovers
  • On-site interpretations
  • Video remote interpretations
  • Translation
  • Web localization
  • Transcription

In addition, iVoiceAfrica’s multilingual customer care service allows you to contact with customer service in Xhosa language.

Similarly, iVoiceAfrica also offers professional and reliable Xhosa voiceover artists, interpreters, and translators accessible for outsourcing.

iVoiceAfrica offers exquisite and unrivalled Xhosa voiceovers, translations and interpretations for our clients, so, get your Xhosa voiceover artist, translator, or interpreter now by sending an email to info@ivoiceafrica.com or calling +234 (0) 7026276411!