Which Mic is The Best Voice over Microphones for You
the best voice over microphones

Which Mic is The Best Voice over Microphones for You

Choosing the best voice over microphones can be an uphill task for a voice actor, since a voice over artist’s microphone is usually their best friend and the most important equipment in their arsenal. Although we now have access to software that can basically perform magic, your voiceover microphone ultimately dictates the quality of your production.

Because of this, it is usually difficult for many voices actors to find, or choose the best voice over microphone for themselves. And this is why we have come up with this post to tell you what you need to know about voice over microphones.

Gladly, we’re letting you know that when it comes to finding the best voice over microphones, your pocket doesn’t have to be heavy… all the time. Never has the popular cliché been more relevant: “cost does not often translate to quality”.

Types of Voiceover Microphones
Before you go into choosing your microphone, you need to know that the microphone is not one-size-fits-all equipment. The kind of microphone you choose should depend on factors like your voice, your studio, and the supporting tools alongside.

These are three kinds of microphones how they work and some suggestions

1. Large-diaphragm condenser microphones
This is like the premium offer from microphones. They are thought to be the industry standard for voice over artists. Condenser microphones have detailed and lively middle and upper frequencies, which is why they are more used in music studios. They’re also excellent for fieldwork as they capture more detailed audio, and they make your work easier when you edit the audio.

Some suggestions for large-diaphragm condenser microphones and price range:

Stellar X2 LC Mic
Stellar X2

Stellar X2 – you can get these from $200

Samson C01

Samson C01 – You can get these from $80

download 2
AKG Pro Audio C2144

AKG Pro Audio C214 – You can get these from $330

2. Dynamic Broadcast Microphones
These are like the most common kinds of microphones outside the voice over industry. They’re used commonly in radio stations, for podcast hosting, to record loud stuff like gunshots, drums, explosions, and blasts. Dynamic Broadcast Microphones are generally used for broadcasts that do not really need an accurate reproduction. They’re also great for recording outdoors.

Some Suggestions for Dynamic Broadcast Microphones and prices

Sennheiser E835

Sennheiser E835 – You can get these from $100

51QNj1bcdIL. AC SY780
Heil PR40

Heil PR40 – You can get these from $330

Rode Procaster

Rode Procaster– You can get these from $230

3. USB Microphones
USB microphones are generally recommended for voiceover artists who are running on a low budget and also for those who are looking for portable options. These mics plug directly to your computer and they capture decent sound. The upside to these microphones is that they allow you to work on the go and that without any extra equipment. The downside however is that they are not versatile and you may be unable to record with USB voiceover microphones On stage of on the field because they rely on your computer.

Suggestions for USB Microphones and prices

41XzhpQ6GFL. AC SY580
Beefly USB mic

Beefly USB Mic – You can get these from $34

214xG K4wyL. AC SY580
Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti – You can get these from $20 upwards

41U2BcrO26pL. AC SY1000
MXL AC-424

MXL AC-424 USB – You can get these from $200

Finally, you need to consider the equipment you already have, the kind of voice over you will be doing and the cost before choosing the best voice over microphone for you. That way it is less likely that you’ll regret your choice.

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