10 practical ways to gain recognition as a Voice Over Artist on Social media

10 practical ways to gain recognition as a Voice Over Artist on Social media

Ten Ways to gain recognition as a Voice Over Artist on Social media

A voice over Artist is someone who uses their voice in radio, television, film, theater and other presentations. They are often referred to as off-camera or off-stage commentary or narration. A Voice over artist is all unseen and only heard. A voice over artist can get recognition through Radio, dramas, commercials, animation and video games, documentary or narrative. Voice-overs are not all that common, in fact most people don’t know it’s a profession on it’s own until they are in need of a Voice-over Artist.  A Voice over Actor uses his voice to entertain, narrate or market products for commercials, animations etc…

Social Media  is actually a very good platform for you to grow your Voiceover Business, since that is one of the fastest access to reach the general public. We have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and so many other sites whereby your potential customers can reach you. I will be giving you the following tips on how to gain recognition as a voice over artist on Social media.

  • HAVE A PLAN: Like the saying goes “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” There is a need for you to have a long lasting and concrete plan to make you last on social media as social media required you to be consistent and deliver good and quality contents which will make people recognize you more when they hear your voice. In your plan, what’s going to be your own style, your own unique style, that which makes you stand out from other voice over artist out there. Have a short term plan and also a very long term plan which will be sufficient for you on social media.


  • LOGOS: It’s quiet imperative for you to gave a logo that sells you out there even before your voice is heard. Your Logo speaks a lot about you and to an extent tells your social media audience who you are and what your voiceover company stands for. Therefore, ensure to tell your designer to design you a very attractive and beautiful logo to linger on in the minds of your audience. Alongside, design a good beautiful Business card, your cards can get you anywhere at anytime.


  • BLOGGING: if you are a good content writer as a voice over artist, you can do so well to write attractive contents that keeps your audience tuned to your page on social media, dish out meaningful and brilliant ideas that makes people running to your feet.


  • PICTURES: Take beautiful and lovely images that depicts what you do, make videos, in fact make your audience on social media part of your life, let them see the person they want to trust their jobs with, with pictures they are rest assured and you can be assured of being the King or queen of the Voice over world.


  • NETWORKING: Meet people, don’t sit in the corner of your house believing you will get recognition as a voice over artist, go out, go for meetings, introduce what you do to the people you meet, exchange social media handles and also link up with people you meet. Nowadays, your Network is your Networth. It determines whether you stay rich or poor as a voiceover artist.


  • TRADITIONAL ADVERTISING: You can also advertise your business in the local newspapers, Magazines, sponsor pages in Event booklet and also use your mouth to advertise to people about what you do.


  • HOLD CONTESTS: You can also hold social media contest, to make you more versatile on social media and get you more followers on your social media pages.


  • HASHTAGS: Make use of Hashtags on social media, they go a very long way in helping you as a voiceover artist and also tag people in relation to your fields.


  • CONSISTENCY: In all, you have to be very consistent, like we say nowadays that CONSISTENCY is very key, keep posting don’t step, it might be tiring but you will get there one day, Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t relent.


  • SPONSOR AN EVENT: You can Sponsor events that will make people know more about what you do in your community .


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