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Finding your Voice: Discovering your Niche as a Voice Artist.

When you hear about a voice-over artist, I’m certain what comes to your mind is somebody who can speak in different accents and tones to convey a particular message. But it’s not every voice-over artist that makes use of a different tone or accent. That’s because most voice artists have their niche.

In almost every field, there is always room for specialization. For instance, in medicine, we have the Gynecologist, the pediatrics, the surgeon, the ENT doctor and so on. Also, as a voiceover artist, there is a need for you to find your Niche,

Finding your Niche depends on your strengths, weaknesses and passions in the voice acting field. It’s good to know all about your field but for the beauty of it, it’s most times to be known for a particular thing. Your voice might not be suitable for every kind of voice acting. You might decide to specialize in e Learning, explaining videos, commercial voice-over work etc…

How do you find your Niche as a Voice Artist?

 Take a journey Into the Past: There is a need for you to look into the past, find out why you started your voice acting career, what served as the motivation, what did you enjoy doing when you started, which segment did you look forward to and why did you look forward to it. That can give you an answer as to finding your Niche especially if you are finding it hard to cope with other aspects of voice-acting. It’s nice to find out what you did in the past and what worked

Observe your Environment: Observe what really works in your environment, when finding your niche, you must be conscious about what is in demand because you are offering a service . What is most in demand  must also be on your mind. You can’t have a niche that is not in demand in your environment.

Take a journey into the future: When finding your niche, look at yourself Ten years from now, do you still find yourself in that same Niche you found now? What will be the future of that Niche, will it still be in vogue, will it be out of date, will it still be a necessity? Do you intend to be in the voice-acting industry forever?Ask yourself these questions in order for you to make a good decision.

Don’t limit yourself: Don’t limit yourself to only one aspect of voice-acting. You can have more than one specialty, after all some people are good at doing ten things at the same time. But if you can’t handle it, just stick to what you can handle. Regardless, don’t limit yourself.


Take these four points into consideration. You don’t have to rush yourself when finding your Niche, it can take up to six months before you finally find what really works and doesn’t work for you. Some might find it really easy and some might find it difficult to find out what they are really good at. But to make life easy on your part you should find something you are good at when it comes to the voice-acting industry.

You might need the help of a counselor or a voice-actor mentor to direct and put you through when finding your Niche as a voice-over actor. In case you need help finding your niche, iVoiceAfrica offers the very best quality of voice-overs services and we also help you play an advisory role to help you discover yourself even better.

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