It’s not only about performing a voice-over,  it is essential for you to have a script that contains what you want to perform as this will help give you a beautiful and brilliant performance. Writing down what you want to say helps you retain good ideas also you won’t forget what you are going to be saying especially when the idea you are performing isn’t something you can relate with and something you don’t flow with.

A voice-over script is very essential, it is as essential as a part of the video –clip as the video itself.   When videos are made, the first step is to record the voice-over. The animation is only created for the already completed recording. This helps avoid pauses and ensures that what is happening on screen accords with the meaning of the scripted text.

I will be sharing with you some tips that will help you write your voice-over scripts properly.

  1. Determine the Level of Formality: Maintain a consistent tone through the entire clip, if the tone for your voice-over is a happy tone, kindly maintain that tone, and don’t switch over to a solemn tone as that can disrupt the beauty of what you are doing. Pay attention to your word choices too. If at the beginning you say “Please Patronize us!” then you should continue to use the same formal tone in the middle. If you are using a funny tone please maintain that tone. Your level of formality depends on what message you are passing and how you want it to be passed.
  2. Specify how first and last names as well as other words should be pronounced: Foreign words should be written out in English this will help avoid discrepancies.  For names that are borrowed from foreign languages indicate whether they should be pronounced in their English or foreign form.
  3. Count the Number of words in the voice-over script: The length of the video clip depends on the length of the voice-over script. Use the following formula to calculate the approximate duration of the video. A Russian speaker will speak approximately 120 words per minute (2 words per second) and an English speaker speaks an average of 150 words per minute (2.5 words per second). Correlate the length of the voice-over text with what exactly is going on in a particular scene.
  4. Write Numbers out in words: this will help you avoid cumbersome constructions. You might write “This app will help you solve 100 different problems” the voice-over artist will say “This app will help you solve HUNDRED different problems”.
  5. Write Properly: Avoid descriptive generalizations instead of saying” Qualified teachers of Nigeria”, write every employee must have completed study of a foreign language  as well as a minimum  five months internship in Abuja”.
  6. Read the Text Aloud: You will pick out Phrases that might sound ambiguous or comical when read aloud.  Read the entire text out from beginning to end while trying not to skip numbers, names and website addresses. Rephrase sentences that sound ponderous or discordant. Point out to the voice-over artist how proper nouns and titles should be pronounced.
  7. Ensure that your text is logically coherent:   Imagine that the viewer knows nothing about your service: neither its name, purpose, nor the specific context in which it is used. Spell out the information sequentially, moving from the general to the particular and finally returning to the general. Specify exactly what you expect the viewer to do: do not shy away from giving the viewer a direct call to action.

So here is a typical sequence of steps to follow when presenting your service,

  1. First, present your product and describe its purpose in a few words.
  2. Then briefly describe the problems that your service solves.
  3. Next, specify exactly how your service can be used to solve these problems while being sure to include specific actions
  4. If necessary, briefly describe any additional functionality that your service provides.
  5. In conclusion, emphasize the advantages of using your service.
  6. End the video clip with a call to action: visit, sign up.


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