3 Powerful Tips to Stay in Charge of Your Script

3 Powerful Tips to Stay in Charge of Your Script

Just like an oven is important to a Baker, so is a script important to a voice-over artist, you may be a very good and confident voiceover artist and of course you may know how to stay in charge of your words, no matter how confident you are you need some sort of guideline so as not to make errors and if you are also a voice-over artist who is just starting to gain confidence it’s important you have a script to enable you to deliver a very good voice-over performance.

Scripts is as important as the video itself as it helps set the tone for the video. The scripts and video should walk side by side so as to deliver the purpose of the message the video seeks to convey.

A script is an automated series of instructions carried out in a specific order. Using a script makes the voiceover sound unscripted and also enables there see little or not flaws. As a voiceover artist, using a script not only make you stay focused but makes it easier for you to remember words easily unlike if you are recording from your head. You might not even be the type who flow with words easily so a need for you to have a script with you.  When you have a script here are tips to make you be in charge.


  1. Be Relaxed: Stay relaxed as you read through your script. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to slow down your talking speed, remaining calm as you read your lines will help you avoid making mistakes. You might need to check what you eat too so they won’t make you feel unnecessarily tired during a voice over performance. You might also need to take breaks when you are tired. Drink a lot of water as you will be using your mouth as it requires you probably saying certain things repeatedly. So keep a bottle of water beside you to keep you hydrated.


  1. Read the Script before you hit the studio: Ensure you always read the script a few times through before you hit the studio. This way, you’ll not only have a better feel for the script, but you’ll be more comfortable in reading it, which ultimately makes for a smoother read. Also, you get familiar with the words and won’t have to stress over pronouncing a particular word, you have read it, you are in touch with the words so you have an idea of things you are going to say in the studio not just a wishy-washy kind of idea, your clients are even going to trust you more because you take your time in delivering good work with no flaws.


  1. Take Deep Breaths: We most of the time overlook the importance of taking a deep breath. A deep breath, brings you to life, it energizes you and keeps you in control. It renews your strength and puts you back on track immediately. If taking a breathe doesn’t work for you, stand up, move a bit around the studio, stretch your hands, say a few words to people around to put you back on track.


A voice over artist who takes cognizance of these tips, is likely to gain more clients who trust him to deliver effective jobs and also refer such artist to their friends because they know they work is in the best hands.


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