Skills you Need as a Voice Actor: Sound Engineering

Skills you Need as a Voice Actor: Sound Engineering

Sound engineering is one of the important skills needed to qualify as a voice actor. Nowadays your voice is no longer enough. Most clients will require that you have a home setup at least. Except, in some instances, where you are required to record on-site.

If you have a home set up and you are recording from home, it is important that you have a little bit of sound engineering skills at least. This is because it actually saves you a lot of time and money.

Not every voice actor can be good at sound engineering however, because it requires a lot of practice, and patience. Patience because you cannot develop the ear for perfection that sound engineers have overnight. You also have to do a lot of practice on getting a balanced sound.

Sound engineering professionals are often musically inclined and they are almost always good with one musical instrument or the other, so they naturally understand the concept of balanced sound because of the amount of time they spend around musical instruments and studios. But then, you can learn anything if you put your mind to it.

Although you do not have to be professional, it is important that you understand the fundamentals of sound engineering. It looks simple when the studio professionals just cut and paste, but it goes far beyond cutting and pasting.  

There are some very complex tools that are used by sound engineers to give voices clarity and punch so they sound big, well-rounded, and in-your-face. You will have to understand terms like compressors, noise gates, and limiters. Also, learning how to add some music and special effects to your recording can be a plus for you.

It is important that you learn as much as possible, and practice too. Your voice-over career may depend on how much you know about sound engineering.

If you are looking to take it a step further by becoming a sound engineering pro, you can view a listing of the best 15 sound engineering schools here.

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