Hiring a professional voiceover artists bring a lot of things to the table that an average person won’t. This is just like every other field. So, here’s why you should hire a pro voice actor.

  1. Professional Voiceover Artists bring Expertise

Have you ever tried to repair your sink by yourself, instead of hiring a plumber? Remember how quickly you had to call a professional, and how much more it cost you? You probably got the issue fixed, but only for a short time and until you can get a professional who would do it to your satisfaction.

As it is with other areas of life, so it is with voiceovers. Never take the work of a voiceover artist lightly. You may think it is just about talking or reading out some lines of written stuff. Trust me, it isn’t.

Considering how much the average person struggles to express certain expressions with their voice. Just like the plumber, a professional voiceover artist brings a certain level of expertise to the job that cannot be matched by an amateur or a novice. Voice-over artists are actors and performers.

They help bring a script, or a story, to life. Read our post on the definition of voiceover here. Whatever your needs are, be it audiobooks, commentaries, commercials, or TV and radio presentations, you need a professional voiceover artist who can bring your message to life.

Since voiceover artists are basically actors, they can adapt and bring versatility that the average person can’t.

2. Professional Voiceover Artists use Quality Equipment and Technology

Now even if you do have a little bit of knowledge about plumbing, one reason why you might fail at repairing your own sink is that you may not have the right tools.

The craft aside, professional voiceover equipment is not something you just come by. And if you have ever attempted to record yourself on your smartphone, you’ll notice the difference between you and the professional voiceover artist.

Most voice actors double as their own sound engineer. They are pros at cleaning up their own audio, mixing and mastering it to suit your taste. This is obviously something you cannot do in your own. Without prior training.

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3. Professional Voiceover Artists Save Time and Money

Think about the amount of time you spent trying to fix your sink versus the amount of time spent by a professional. You wonder how they do it sometimes, don’t you?

Well, it is about how much time they spent practicing the same craft that has become a part of them in the long run. Voiceover is like every other field, it takes a lot if practice to become great at it.

They have trained their voices and they have become very good at what they do. A professional voiceover artist will do in under one hour, what an inexperienced person would do in 3 hours. That is a lot of time saved.

Time saved is almost always money saved. You must know that when you hire a professional voiceover artist, you get a free recording session, free mixing and mastering, and free studio space. Each of the above will cost you almost as much as one professional voiceover artist if taken separately.

You want to know one other thing that saves time? It is having us as your plug for African voiceover artists.

4. Professional Voiceover Artists Are Open to Feedback and Direction

You know that thing you do with your plumber, where you sit down on their necks while they work, “I think the pipe should go through the window”, don’t you think the sink is too high” and all your directions that most likely frustrates him.

This is absolutely allowed with a professional voiceover artist. Although limited, you can tell a pro voice actor what you need and be rest assured that it is done.

Sometimes though, you may need some parts of the voiceover reworked, you can you can always negotiate a certain number of pickups that are included in their price. Many pro voice actors include 1 to 2 pickups for free as part of their base price. This is something you just don’t get with an amateur or during a DIY voiceover session.

These are the things you will get with a professional voiceover artist. However, some kinds of audios do not require a voiceover artist. Essentially, these are the kinds that involves actual people, for example, customer testimony.

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