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Why Professional Translation Services are Key in the Tourism Industry

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The travel and tourism industry is a wide-ranging industry that inculcates in it many other industries and sectors such as transportation, accommodation, food, entertainment, voiceover and translation etc. Because of its diversity and inclusivity, it can boost the economy of a nation, create jobs, improve the relationship between states and many more.

A tourist is someone who travels away from their usual location to another, either locally or internationally for pleasure or social reasons and sometimes even business.

How is the Tourism Industry Profitable?

To the individual:

  1. Tourism can boost happiness
  2. It can enhance peace

To the nation:

It benefits via lots of sectors under the industry.


Here’s a typical scenario that paints the different sectors and how it benefits from tourism:

Jane lives in Australia and due to leisure and social reasons, she’d love to visit Kenya. She does her research and then books a reservation in a 5 star hotel in Senegal (accommodation sector)

She engages the use of an airline to get to Kenya, her desired destination and upon arrival, she engages car rentals that will take her from the airport to the hotel (transport sector)

At the hotel, she engages the restaurants who serve her with culinary delicacies of her choosing (food and beverage sector)

Now in her desired location, Jane visits clubs, casinos, goes shopping and probably even visits safaris (entertainment sector)

Perhaps, she’s staying in a part of Kenya where English isn’t spoken, she’d have to engage the services of a translator  to truly enjoy her stay in Kenya (voiceover and translation sector)

By this simple act of traveling for leisure and social reasons, Jane has engaged 4 sectors which all have their benefits.

In 2020, statistics showed that travel and tourism industry’s contribution to GDP was about 4.7 trillion U.S Dollars.


1. Creation of job opportunities.

All these sectors combined comprises – airlines, car rentals, water transport, hotels, hostels, camps, bars and cafes, casinos, clubs etc. With many people like Jane traveling the world, there’s creation of employment opportunities.

2. Improvement of government revenue

The taxes earned by the government from goods and services and even departure tax can be used to improve the nation’s infrastructure.

3. Foster international relationship

With more people like Jane traveling to different parts of the world, it helps improve the relationship between nations internationally and even locally.



Why professional translation services are key in the tourism industry

The importance of the tourism industry to both individuals and the nation at large has been established. Seeing as travel and tourism’s contribution to GDP was about 4.7 trillion U.S Dollars, it would be risky to both the individual and nation if something were to go wrong.

Although tourism can be done both locally and internationally, one common thing is linguistic difference. Language is an important aspect of culture and culture is recognized and respected worldwide. A single mistake or misunderstanding in communication would be of a disadvantage to both parties.  It will lead to:

  1. Misunderstandings
  2. Missed opportunities
  3. Unnecessary conflict
  4. Lack of trust
  5. Create stress

With the tourism industry being one of the most lucrative worldwide, a lack of communication will be detrimental and the industry’s input to the world at large would take a huge decline.

To avoid this decline, accurate, coherent and articulate communication is needed. Although there are AI services that translate, they do not communicate properly and efficiently.

Due to this, there is a need for professional and human translation services. Services that entail native and professional speakers who are able to bridge this gap and keep the tourism industry going.

With proper translation services, tourism can boost happiness and enhance peace to the individual, create job opportunities and increase government revenue on a larger scale.

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