Outsourcing is Everywhere – Should You Outsource?

Outsourcing is Everywhere – Should You Outsource?

In the world today, outsourcing is the order of day for most businesses; no matter how big or small; in different industries and niches…

In the voiceover industry, business outsourcing can be done in a number of ways. From outsourcing voiceover artists to translators and interpreters.

Almost every business is into outsourcing which begs the question…

What is Outsourcing?

It is a practice done by companies or businesses which involves hiring an external party which could be a third party company, a freelancer, an offshore employee or even a local virtual employee; to perform tasks and services that were originally meant for the company’s staff.

For example; Company X has a task to complete but due to certain reasons Company X chooses not to do them or simply cannot do them and instead hires an external party to do those tasks.

From this example, we can see that there are reasons and even benefits as to why companies or businesses outsource.

4 Reasons Why Businesses Outsource

Outsourcing is the perfect example of working smartly because it creates effectiveness and efficiency with minimal effort.

It is a practical and effective way to grow your company, increase your profit margins and get a lot of work done.

Here’s why you should outsource:

  • Focus

Some tasks don’t always align with your company’s plan. To help employees stay focused, meet goals and deadlines, companies outsource by giving these tasks to a third party while they remain focused on their initial goals and plans.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Certain tasks require integration of extra labour, skill acquisition and addition of new equipment that isn’t in the company’s budget. But with the help of outsourcing, companies can get these tasks done without causing too much of a toll on their budget and minimizing expenses.

  • Expansion

Outsourcing serves as an avenue to collaborate with other companies thus building relationships and expanding. By being in partnership with other businesses and also providing them with jobs your company grows and builds relationships which will be beneficial to both parties.

  • Improve Productivity

Taking up a lot of jobs will lead to work overload and stress on staff which in turn leads to a reduction in efficiency and effectiveness among employees thus crippling the company in the long run. Outsourcing saves both time and energy for your staff.

Find out more on the benefits of outsourcing here. 

How to Outsource Effectively

  • Identify your plan and goals

Knowing what plans you have towards your goal is the first step to take. Your goal could range from expanding your business across the globe to meeting a deadline or sealing an important deal. Identifying this goal will help you filter all tasks that don’t help you achieve them directly and by filtering tasks, you’re able to prioritize and decide which tasks can be outsourced.

  • Know and understand the law

To keep your business out of court due to ignorance you should learn the laws behind outsourcing. Find out the legal operations in your country. By learning these laws, you can comply with them and avoid unnecessary conflict that could tarnish the image of your company.

TIP: Invest in a lawyer that will represent your business and also guide you. It is very important to be knowledgeable too, so instead of leaving everything to a lawyer, do a little research on your own.

  • Choosing a partner

Choosing whom to collaborate with is VERY important. You can’t afford to collaborate with a business of bad reputation and poor work ethic. With the right partner, your company as well as their company can benefit greatly from the collaboration and even create a relationship.

TIP: Do not choose a partner based solely on price without considering the quality of the job. Remember the integrity of your business is on the line.

Outsourcing is a practice spreading like wildfire especially in the voiceover industry and at iVoiceAfrica we have voiceover artists, translators and interpreters ready to be outsourced.

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