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International Translation Day 2022 – X iVoiceAfrica 

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By simply translating medical documents, legal documents and the likes, we have no idea the number of lives that we’re saving. That is why it is important to celebrate International Translation Day – we’re paying tribute to our language professionals across the world. 

– Oluwatobi J. Oladipo 


In light of the International Translation Day 2022, the CEO of iVoiceAfrica, Oluwatobi J. Oladipo discussed Multilingualism in Africa and its cultural impact on communication at 

He shared his knowledge and expertise on the diversity and function of languages in Africa. 

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According to him, “…being able to speak a language in a region doesn’t guarantee that you can communicate in other regions.” 

He went on to discuss obstacles facing multilingualism and also provided possible measures that could solve these problems.

Oluwatobi also dropped a Word for Translators in his presentation. So head over to our YouTube channel to watch the full presentation.

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