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5 Ways Voiceovers Can Increase the Presence of Your Company

Voiceovers are crucial pillars that help uphold your company’s image and increase presence and growth but most people overlook it for several reasons.

When people hear the word voiceover they often think of radio ads or jingles and TV commercials. This is as far as some people know about voiceovers…

But they are a lot broader than that. They range from:

  • Animation
  • Commercial
  • Narration
  • Audiobooks
  • Video games
  • E-learning
  • Corporate
  • Trailers
  • Promo
  • Announcing and more. You can read more on them here

How Voiceovers Increase the Presence of Your Company

1. Creation of Awareness

If you own a business; especially a small business or a startup, you’re unlikely to get a lot of clients or customers immediately. But with the aid of voiceovers such as TV commercials or jingles etc., you can spread awareness and bring light to your brand.

We’ve all heard jingles or seen commercials on TV that we’ve memorized unconsciously. This is the power of voiceovers.

2. Build Clientele

We all know that first impression matters. When you walk into a hospital or a hotel, you get greeted by the receptionist. The way you are received in the hospital or hotel will determine whether or not you will patronize that organization or company again.

This is the same with voiceovers. Voiceovers, if done the right way, can attract customers and keep your old clients coming back and even recommend you and your services.

3. Increase revenue

Depending on your field or niche, it is possible to generate extra income for your business.

For example, book vendors who normally get sales by advertising on social media or have walk-in stores can earn more by delving into recording audiobooks; teaching services that were limited to physical learning can earn extra revenue from e-learning and the movie industry can earn money from trailers etc.

4. Expansion of Business

One beauty of voiceovers is that you can find an artist for every language. If your goal is to expand your business beyond the borders of your continent you need to be able to communicate and reach audiences in their native language.

For example; a company in Europe looking to expand to Africa must keep in mind that not all African countries speak French and English. Thus partnering with companies that offer voiceover as well as interpretation services such as iVoiceAfrica can help your company’s expansion.

5. Boost Sales

Most times, potential clients or customers are on the verge of sealing a deal with you or purchasing whatever product or service you offer but they just need that extra push to do it.

Voiceovers can give that extra push by creating a warm, conversation-like tone with your client, giving him/her the feeling that you truly do care and truly can help them.

How to Increase the Presence of Your Company with Voiceovers

The result of voiceovers in increasing the presence of companies is unrivalled and here’s how you can get these results too.

  • Know what kind of voiceover service you need

Knowing the kind of service you require, be it animation, jingles, etc., will help you draw out a plan that is guaranteed to succeed. This also depends largely on your business and your niche.

For example; in the movie industry, most voiceovers needed come in the form of trailers or animation while telecommunications service providers often opt for Interactive Voice Response (IVR). A company in the movie industry depending solely on IVR’s is not guaranteed to succeed.

  • Invest in quality and professional voiceover services

People tend to make judgments about your business based on the quality they receive. Since we know that first impressions matter, you must ensure that you put out nothing but the best to maintain the integrity and image of your business.

Remember not to choose a voiceover talent based solely on price without considering the quality of the job.

One major reason to invest in professional voiceover services is branding. With thousands of businesses out there possibly offering the same services as you, you need to stand out. Professional voice talents are professional for a reason. They are highly trained, experienced in their field and know how to deliver flawlessly.

Increasing the presence of your company via voiceovers helps create awareness, build a clientele, increase revenue, helps expand your business and boost sales.

We have a wealth of experience in voiceovers and are always willing to help you increase the presence of your company. Click here to view some of our demos and you can always send a mail to




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