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How to Make a Good Advertising Jingles – 6 Practical Ways

Advertising has really created a means for everyone to put themselves out there as that is the only means by which businesses are known to persons from different parts of the world. Advertising Jingles are musical techniques that businesses use to establish a brand in a memorable, educative and entertaining way.

An advertising jingle relays information about a company or product through music and lyrics if you are just starting a business or you are running a small scale business, it is advised you have Jingle writers or have a team of creatives who will help in producing a jingle that’s one of the duties of the marketing department of every company.

If you can’t afford to put up a team of creatives yet, I will advise you to go through every piece of advice this article will offer you in creating a beautiful advertisement jingle that will help you promote your business.


Your Jingle Should match your target demographic and location: Who are your customers, are they men, women, children, young adults all the combination of all four. The Jingle needs to appeal to your prospective customers. A Teletubbies Jingle might not appeal to youths likewise will a Johnny drille music not appeal to children. You should consider these things when you are making a jingle. Also, the location your jingle is targeting is really important, are the people native speakers, or English speakers, what language is preferable in each location. Put them into consideration.

Your Jingle should be short and catchy: Advertising Jingles are not something you have the whole day to express yourself, you only express the important part of yourself, business or product. When it comes to making an advertising jingle, ensure your jingle is precise and concise, if you have a slogan you can incorporate your slogan into your jingle. Mcdonald’s incorporated their slogan into their jingle. Take advantage of your slogan and let the jingle accentuate it.

Use Music that Fits your Company’s personality:  Music is also very much part of your company’s personality, it speaks louder even before people get to read what your company stands for. When you notice, most companies with brand ambassadors usually have musicians who align with their company’s personality. Ensure you use music that appeals to your company’s personality. If your company is into Tobacco and cigarettes production, don’t use solemn music it might not appeal to your customers.

Your Phrases Need Action Verbs and Imagery: Write the lyrics for the jingle. Generally, the lyrics in jingles rhyme. Use action verbs and imagery. Repeat the name of your product or company. It is important to make sure that consumers associate the jingle with your product or brand. When writing lyrics, you can list the attributes of the product or services or create a mental image between the product and the target consumer.

Research Other Jingles: To be perfect, you need to check out what other people are doing, I don’t mean you copy what they are doing. I mean you check out what they are doing you can correct and make it more appealing to your audience, identify their mistakes and correct them in your own jingle. Don’t copy anybody’s work it will be an infringement on their intellectual property and you can be sued for it. Note the mistakes and correct them, learn from them as well. You should read books on Advertising Jingles or how to market or promote your business generally.

Promote your Jingle: Shamelessly Promote your Jingle, no one will do it better than you, no one will carry your business the way you will carry it. Your staffs are only team players, carry your business on gour head, talk about it every day, don’t end any conversation without talking about your business, play the jingle for people. Put it on your social media pages, run sponsored ads. The essence is to promote your business and attract more customers to your business.


Advertising Jingle is really fun, if you know your ways around it, be creative as possible you can get ideas from your environment, places you go to, a conversation can create your Advertising Jingle. You are not an Island, always ask questions on how to go about it when you are confused.

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