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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Voice Actor

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The question of how much it costs to hire a voice actor has lingered for a long time. One reason behind this is that there are many different agencies and individual voice actors who charge different rates.

No one body can put out a (compulsory) standard pricing for an industry that is dominated mostly by freelancers, so what it costs to hire a voice actor may be affected by different factors including:

  • Length of voice-over: This is the most important factor in deciding the cost of a voice actor. Mostly, voice actors decide their prices based on the script you have. Meaning, the price is not the same for a 100 words script as a 1000 words script.

Length can also mean, time. Other voice actors base their price lists on how much time the voice over should last. In most cases though, a one minute voice over, which is equivalent to 150 words or less should cost nothing less than $150 for non-broadcast jobs. This is also after taking other factors into consideration.

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  • Voice actor’s experience: The voice actor’s experience is also a big factor affecting the cost of voice-over. Veteran voice actors tend to charge more than the new ones. This is because they have established connections and returning clients. This cannot be said about new voice actors.  
  • Agency representation: Some voice actors are represented by agencies that control the prices. This affects the costs too, as the voice actor has no control over their own rates is not able to be flexible.
  • The project: The reason for the voice-over can also be a big determinant in the cost of a voice actor. A broadcast job typically costs way more than a noon-broadcast voiceover. The amount of editing required to perfect h job may also be a deciding factor.  

It should be noted though, that you may find voice actors that are willing to cut down the price to the lowest, I would recommend that you stay away from such, because you’re likely going to end up getting something unusable.

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