Healthy Voice over Diet: What to Eat and What to Avoid

As a voiceover artist, your voice is your number one priority.

Here’s a little scenario…

Say you were recently hired for a huge voiceover job and they expect you at the recording studio at noon to run some samples.

You go about your usual morning routine and finally get to the studio at noon. You’re behind the microphone, your headset to your ears and your script in your hand ready to go…

*ahem ahem*

And there goes a harsh, rusty sound from you. Your vocal cords are dry and you can feel the friction between them

You’re embarrassed and wonder what went wrong…

You’ve got a great voice, have great mentors and have even done great voiceovers in the past!

What could’ve happened?

I’ll tell you. You were not careful about your diet.

As a voiceover artist, your most powerful tool is your voice and different types of food can affect it.

Voiceover artist, Tobi Oladipo, in an interview stated his experience with certain foods before recording.

Foods to Avoid and Why

This isn’t to say that you cannot eat these foods anymore, you most certainly can! But you shouldn’t eat them a couple of hours before recording.

1. Dairy

Dairy such as milk, yoghurt and cheese should be avoided before stepping before a microphone.

Fat-rich dairy products cause the mucus in your throat to thicken. This irritates your vocal cords and prevents flexibility in your voice.

2. Oily foods

Chips and fish, fried chicken, butter, burgers etc., has got to go!

As painful as this may be, the more oily meals you consume, the more phlegm builds up in your throat causing you to sound rusty.

3. Carbonated drinks

You know your favourite drinks. You almost can’t go a day without it. It’s cool, it’s refreshing, it’s bad for your voice.

Yes, it is bad for your voice.

Carbonated drinks contain carbonic acid which triggers nerve receptors in your mouth and can affect the tone of your voice.

4. Caffeine

Apologies to the coffee lovers who start their day off with a cup of coffee but if you’ve got a recording that day, you cannot drink coffee.

Coffee causes you to urinate more than it hydrates you and causes damage to your vocal cords by putting a lot of stress on them.

5. Sugary foods

Chocolate, processed juice, syrup etc., it’s all got to go. You may not notice it immediately but sugar, just like dairy causes phlegm buildup in your throat.

Phlegm buildup = rusty and cracked voice.

6. Salt

Before you eat anything, consider the salt content.

High salt content is a big no-no in a voiceover diet as it is very drying.

However, some foods are simply bliss to eat before recording…

Foods to Eat and Why

1. Water

As obvious as this is, its value is underestimated. Water lubricates your vocal cords, improves articulation, and adds moisture to your mouth and throat.

You should note that room temperature water and not cold water avoids cracks in your voice…

2. Decaffeinated tea

If you need to have something that isn’t bland, have decaffeinated tea. It’s also a great alternative to coffee, milk and carbonated drinks.

The absence of caffeine improves its hydration levels.

3. Honey

Here’s a great alternative to sugary foods, honey! It’s an awesome natural sweetener with no added sugar and is best known for attracting moisture.

4. Fruits

Fruits are highly recommended even for day to day living. They contain vitamins and nutrients that do wonders for your body and your voice.

The trick here is to stick to eating fruits and not juicing them. Studies have shown that juicing fruits loses nutrients in the process.

5. Vegetables

You may not like them, but your vocal cords do. So, gather up those greens and your voice will thank you.

Lean chicken (not fried), veggies, some rice and a glass of water is a great meal to have before recording.

This voiceover is a demo from a talent at iVoiceAfrica, a voiceover and translation company.

You can tell from the audio that our talents take good care of their voices and coupled with our software and equipment, we make excellent and crisp voiceovers like the ones above.

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