GOOD VOICEOVER SERVICE – The secret of this season

GOOD VOICEOVER SERVICE – The secret of this season

It’s our favourite time of the year, Santa came in so early. I’m sure you are prepared for Santa’s gifts this period. All of  us at ivoiceafrica has received our gifts and we would like to share them with you all.

This Festive period is always an opportunity to turn your business around, this is the period you have the opportunity to sell goods that have been in the store or warehouse for months, this is the period you have the opportunity to attract new customers and make bigger and higher sales because all goods will be in high demand regardless of any type of business you are into. At ivoiceafrica, for you to have a high turnover this new year, we write this to you with all the joy and love we have in our hearts towards you. We want to ensure you grow in your business.

Why do you need Voice overs this period for your business?

Voiceover is the voice of an unseen narrator speaking as in a motion picture or television commercial. It could also be the voice of a visible character as in a motion picture expressing unspoken thoughts. The voice-over artist conveys your thoughts to your prospective audience. A Voice-over Artist is someone who uses their voice in radio, television, film, theatre and other presentations. Sometimes they are in a dialogue between characters in a scripted radio play, but often referred to as off-camera or off-stage commentary or narration.

The voice-over artist has the duty to use his voice to convince your audience to patronise your business. You notice Filmmakers use voice-over artists a lot to push their movies and also to convince you to watch their movies.


As a businessman/ woman voice overs help give more information about your business to your clients. The voice you hear is an important element of any commercial as it conveys the tone of the brand and provides information about a product or service. Voiceovers, connect, engage and influence your audience. The Voice of a person you hear has the power to influence your client’s orientation and change his mind. Not everyone is attracted to what they see but what they hear. As a business owner, you need to have that in mind. This is also a festive period, your clients are probably looking for that service you are rendering but probably you can’t be reached because you have not made an advertising voice-over to reach their location.


Voiceover artists are experienced experts who know how to take your business from a small to large scale with the power of their voice, they know the tune your audience wants to hear, probably doing it all alone might not be what you need but you might need to hire an expert who can help you.

Having a voiceover artist helps build trust and loyalty towards your brand. It gives you a professional outlook, it puts trust and confidence into your clients because they are assured you will do anything to satisfy them.

A voice Artist has access to equipment and technology, helps you convey your message well with highly advanced equipment and technology, tells you what to use and not use. Voice-over artists are highly professional people who is after your business growth.


A voiceover artist will save your time, since they are professionals at what they do, they know how to get it done in time to meet your deadline, saving you time also saves you money as they put all the finishing touches without you having to adjust anything.


Voiceover artist are open to feedbacks and directions. This means they’re receptive to taking direction and open to feedback.They also understand notes when it comes to diction, inflection, cadence, emphasis, tone, and pitch.

Often, when hiring professional voice talent, you can negotiate a certain number of pickups that are included in the total price. Pickups are any number of additional recordings the talent needs to perform after the original read is recorded and delivered, for reasons like a mispronunciation or a script change. Many pros even include 1 to 2 pickups for free as part of their base price.

If your friend or family member is your voiceover actor, they may not have the time or recording equipment to do a pickup and may not have the patience to work with you until it’s just right.

You need to make so much money this festive season, don’t sleep on it, I have given you a tip to help you take your business to your dream stage. Hiring a voice over artist assists you to achieve your business dreams.

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