From Ghana to the world: How iVoiceAfrica Can Help Your Business Reach The Rest of Africa

From Ghana to the world: How iVoiceAfrica Can Help Your Business Reach The Rest of Africa

“How can I grow my business in Africa?”

This question has over 400 million search results on Google. And with hundreds of blogs and articles created on this topic, it’s safe to say that there are advantages to expanding your business in Africa.

Whether you own a small, local or online business in Ghana, iVoiceAfrica can help you promote your business and also become one of the top businesses in Africa over time.

In this post, you’ll learn how our services can help your business reach the rest of Africa.

Ghana to the World

Every day on the news we come across headlines like:

Lipalater gains new funds of Sh 1.3 billion to expand across Africa…

The Dubai Gold Exchange is extending its commodities trading business in Africa with the signing of MOU….

KSh 5.6 billion investment in a Kenyan retail distributor’s to expand business in Africa.

Almost everyone is expanding in Africa, including African nations. So, the question is

What are the Advantages of Doing Business in Africa?

Expanding your business, whether locally or worldwide, has many benefits, including the ability to obtain a competitive advantage, enhance brand recognition, increase income possibilities, and expand your client base.

On the other hand, expanding your business in Africa as an African country has its unique advantages.

Here are 3 reasons why you should expand your business in Africa:

  • The pace of economic growth is quickening

Africa’s average yearly GDP growth has continuously surpassed the global average, indicating the strength of the continent’s economy. By 2035, ten out of twenty of the world’s fastest-growing cities will be African, according to UN forecasts. This growth potential indicates a developing country with several investment options.

  • A Business Environment That Is Enabling

According to a survey by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Africa earned the greatest return on foreign direct investment (11.4%) between 2006 and 2011. In comparison, 8.9% of people in Latin America and the Caribbean and 9.1% of people in Asia are unemployed. 7.1 percent is the global figure. As a result, Africa has become the world’s most lucrative area.

  • Africa is working to fill the gaps in its infrastructure

One of the major obstacles to investment and progress in Africa has always been a lack of infrastructure. While Africa’s infrastructure still lags behind those of other emerging nations, it has made substantial development in recent years and will continue to make tremendous progress.

Read more on investing in Africa.

How iVoiceAfrica Can Help You Reach the Rest of Africa
Partnering with iVoiceAfrica is a cost-effective and competitive approach to expand in Africa, quickly and conveniently.

As a voice-over and translation company based in Africa with a reach of 24+ countries out of 54, there are several ways in which we can help your business reach the rest of Africa.

  • Voice over services

Being able to connect emotionally with your target audience is one of the most basic principles of marketing.

A voiceover is more than reciting words and conveying information. With the right voice, tone and timing, a voice-over can help your audience connect emotionally and reach a wider audience via radio ads, TV commercials, jingles, etc., among other things.

  • Translation and Interpretation services

One of the most basic factors to consider when expanding your business from Ghana to the rest of the world is language barrier.

However, with our translation services in Ghana, you can break this barrier with native translators who are available both remotely and on-site.

By reaching people in their native language, not only are you able to communicate effectively but you’re also able to increase your reach in Africa.

  • Multilingual email and chat support service

This is more beneficial to online businesses in Ghana looking to expand. Our multilingual email and chat support give you a competitive advantage against many other businesses. We also help in building a loyal customer base which in turn improves conversion rates.

  • Business Process Outsourcing

To expand a business automatically means to take on more workload. With our help, you can concentrate on your business operations while outsourcing your customer support to us.

iVoiceAfrica can help you achieve many advantages of expanding.

With our help, your business in Ghana can improve and become more lucrative simply by expanding your business reach to all of Africa.

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