Five Awesome Software for Transcription Service in 2021

Five Awesome Software for Transcription Service in 2021

Transcription Software assists in the conversion of human speech into a text transcript either Audio or video files. Transcription Software is provided for business, legal and medical purposes.

A person who transcribes audio or video files is referred to as a Transcriptionist. A Transcriptionist listens to recorded audio or video and out them down word for word. The Transcriptionist needs a lot of skills such as Paying attention to detail, typing speed, writing skills, discretion, listening skills, time management, and all that. Rather than going through the stress of hiring a transcriptionist who meets all the required standards, why don’t you consider Transcription Softwares?

A transcription software helps you do a faster and neater job in the sense that, it removes the personal ticks and audible distractions that might muddle the verbal elements of your audio or video file, it also helps eliminate the long pauses that may occur when probably you went to grab a drink or you need to gather your thoughts.

So here are some highly recommended Transcription Software for the year 2021

  1. REV

Rev comes highly recommended.  Rev is a transcription company that provides a human transcription service as well as automatic AI-powered transcription at a low cost.

The transcription software is easy to use with an interface that allows you to both view and edit the transcription of the audio file in real-time. You can also work on multiple files simultaneously and share or export the transcript in multiple formats.

The turnaround time is just five minutes and the average accuracy should be 80% or higher, depending on the quality of the audio file. The technology that Rev uses is so accurate because it’s continually improved with data from its team of over 50,000 skilled transcribers. Many major companies use Rev including Amazon, Microsoft, and CBS.

Rev recommends their automated transcription service for clear, high-quality English audio with minimal background noise.


  1. Transcribe

Transcribe is also another effective tool to transcribe your Files. Transcribe is a privacy-focused transcription tool that’s suitable for converting audio files to text automatically. Whether you’re listening to podcasts, music, or even an official meeting, it can save time as well as money and increase productivity levels.

Transcribe comes complete with a

specialized audio player that helps to decode audio. It provides foot pedal support, along with excellent slow-motion performance. The software comes with a dedicated help file that explains all its features.

This service is suitable for professionals who want a clean and private way of transcribing audio. I like the handy keyboard shortcuts that help to perform tasks such as inserting timestamps.

Transcribe allows you to create subtitles for videos and export transcripts in the form of WebVTT or SRT files. These can then be used for captioning videos on social media platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.


  1. Sonix

Sonix is automatic transcription software that transcribes and translates audio and video from over 40 languages and will deliver your transcriptions in 5 minutes. With full API support and a multitude of exporting options, Sonix will handle pretty much anything on its video transcription software. Sonix has 80% accuracy and also over 30 languages.


  1. OTTER

Otter will let you directly record something on your phone and use the web to transcribe it on the spot. Amazing turnaround times with a multitude of features in its real-time transcription software will greatly increase your productivity and output. With its free version, you will be able to even use one of the best free music transcription software available on the market.

Otter is used by companies such as Zoom, Dropbox, and IBM for their transcribing needs. It allows you to record audio from your phone or transcribe it right away using a web browser. Instead of simply basic transcription, it may also include speaker ID, comments, photos, and important words, so you don’t have to rely on third-party tools for minor tweaks.


  1. TEMI

Temi is the cheapest service we tested, charging $25 per minute of submitted audio (aside from our transcription software of course, which is the cheaper option). Only if you upload at least 240 minutes of audio per month will Trint’s limitless subscription-based model be less expensive. Temi’s algorithm is unconcerned by the complexity of your audio, thus the price remains the same regardless of what you send.

With specialized automatic video to text transcription software using machine learning with speaker identification, custom timestamps, and mobile apps for iOS and Android, Temi will deliver quick results on the go. However, Temi can only transcribe recordings in English.


All these software comes with their various prices, you can make further research on how they work and how they can be used as well.

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