Could You Be The Next Trevor Noah?

Could You Be The Next Trevor Noah?

Host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah is a famous political commentator, presenter, comedian and voice over actor with over 7 million followers on YouTube and a Net Worth of a hundred million dollars.

It’s easy to look at renowned men and women and gawk over their fame and success…

You’d even find yourself wishing you had their lives or at least were related to them in some way.

But Trevor Noah is one of those famous people who wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth…

His life didn’t go from being a regular guy to being the host of a talk show with more than 1.43 million viewers.

He actually started as a standup comedian in South Africa who rose to greater heights starring in movies such as Coming 2 America and Black Panther in which he voiced Groit.

Trevor was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, during a period of apartheid.

It was a period in South Africa that witnessed racial injustice and inequality between the white and black people.

The law didn’t let them interact with each other, let alone copulate. But Trevor’s mother broke all laws and gave birth to Trevor as a crime (which justifies the title of his book “Born a Crime”)

Owing to the complexion of his skin, he was often regarded as white or coloured but never black. And because of this, fitting in and getting along with peers at school was always difficult.

But through the help of language, he was able to fit in regardless of the racial differences.

It would always fascinate people to hear him speak Zulu or Xhosa or even Afrikaans and speak it so fluently that they almost forgot the colour of this skin.

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Trevor Noah is the host of The Daily Show

In his book, Trevor mentioned on several occasions how language broke barriers between races:

One day, he was walking down the street when he overheard some Zulu guys talking about how they were going to mug him in Zulu…

But because, he understood the language and could speak it ever so fluently with the accent intact, he turned around and replied them in their own language which left them shocked and apologetic:

“Oh, sorry, dude. We thought you were something else…have a good day, man.”

According to Trevor,

“Language brings with it an identity and a culture, or at least a perception of it. A shared language says ‘We’re the same’ and a language barrier says, ‘We’re different.’”

Because of his background, he picked up on several South African languages with their accents and of course he also spoke English fluently.

Having left South Africa and starting his career as a comedian, he went on to learn more languages and even more accents which brought something unique to his comedy shows.

Trevor Noah can mimic the former presidents of the United States of America (Barack Obama and Donald Trump) so well that if you closed your eyes, you’d think they were the ones speaking…

He’s learnt several accents such as the French, Russian, Australian and much more.

This skill, along with his political opinions has made him a very unique comedian and has helped him build a name for himself.

Trevor Noah didn’t grow up in a wealthy home, surrounded with connections that opened doors for him.

It was rather the opposite. But he polished his skills and took opportunities, opening doors for himself.

A lot of us have skills and potential to be great people in life and even excel in the field of voice acting but one thing or the other holds us back.

Instead of wallowing in the situations that we find ourselves, we should look on the bright side, polish our skills and step out into the world.

You, just like Trevor Noah, have the potential and skills to do great things…

Do you want to build fame and success in your field?  Do you have the skills to accomplish your goals? Even if you don’t, you can always develop them and put them to good use.

Trevor’s mother taught him to break limits and patterns which is exactly what he did and just like him, you too CAN grow, break limits and make your way to greater heights…

You CAN be the next Trevor Noah.

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