Bilingual Customer Service – The New Age of Customer Service

Bilingual Customer Service – The New Age of Customer Service

In a survey, 66% of customers stated that customer service was important to them when doing business and as a result, 40% of customers have stopped doing business due to poor customer service. 

Many businesses have now realized the value of effective customer service in building a successful enterprise. Over time, businesses have refined their customer service to better increase customer satisfaction. 

In addition to email, phone, live chat, social media, etc., businesses have also implemented bilingual customer service to further increase customer satisfaction.  

What is Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is the level of fulfilment or pleasure customers derive from a service or product that a business provides. Customer satisfaction is directly tied to your customer service, so to increase customer satisfaction, you must improve your customer service. 

What is Customer Service? 

Customer service is much wider than receiving and solving complaints from clients. It includes making enquiries, maintenance, and even upgrading a service or product. To implement effective customer service, you must be able to identify your customers’ needs. See: How to Identify and meet your customer needs. 

What is Bilingual Customer Service? 

Bilingual Customer Service entails providing service to customers in two languages. It includes making phone calls, answering customer inquiries, translating documents and solving customer issues in stipulated languages. 

How Bilingual Customer Service Increases Customer Satisfaction 

Creates Interpersonal Relationships 

Conversing in a person’s native tongue has been shown to alleviate tension and awkwardness. As a result, bilingual customer service minimizes friction between you and your clients, building stronger interpersonal relationships and trust.

Ease in communication 

Although English is the most popular language in the world, there’s still a percentage of people who do not understand it or prefer to communicate in their native language. By taking into account this demographic and incorporating bilingual customer service, you’ve bridged a gap between you and your customer. 

Ease Customer Feelings

Customers are all human beings who have emotions. The simple act of hiring bilingual customer service representatives shows them that you value them and care about their interests more than your gains. Because of this, your clients form a personal relationship and appreciation for your business.

See tips on how to learn a new language

How To Incorporate Bilingual Customer Service 

Make Research 

When starting, you might not be able to cover all the languages in a particular region. For example, in Africa alone, there are over 2000 languages and in Kenya, 68. So, do some research by taking a survey of your customers to find out the dominant languages of your customers. 

Hire Bilingual Customer Service Representatives

Statistics show that the fastest and most preferable channel for effective customer service resolution is by phone. So, it is essential that your representatives are natives in both languages, or at least conversational. It helps create ease when communicating. Read here to learn how to deliver effective bilingual customer service. 

Create Awareness 

Inform your customers that there’s a new option to converse in another language. This can be done through creating posters or 30-second ads on social media, your website or word of mouth. 

Localize your website 

Adapt your website to a different linguistic and cultural context. However, this process involves much more than the simple translation of text so contact iVoiceAfrica for professional advice and help. 

Implement a Chatbot feature in another language 

A chatbot i.e. live chat is the easiest effective customer service channel. It is a system for messaging with visitors integrated into a business site. It is easily customized to start, automate and integrate personalized messages to your clients. 

Make Analysis 

Make sure to keep track of your changes and the results. Filter what doesn’t work and restructure to further increase customer satisfaction. Remember that customer needs are dynamic, so track and analyse frequently. 

Bilingual Customer Service Representatives Job Description 

As a Bilingual Customer Service Representative you must:

  • Confirm the customer’s preferred language as you aid them.
  • Check calls and emails to ensure that all clients have been helped.
  • Respond to client questions, concerns, and suggestions.
  • When necessary, direct customers to the appropriate department.
  • Customers should receive pleasant and efficient services.

Where to find Bilingual Customer Service Representatives Job

The sites listed below can be used to post to hire bilingual customer care representatives as well as apply for jobs. 

Indeed – Indeed is a worldwide employment website for job listings. With a simple search on the site, you can find both local and in-person bilingual customer service representative jobs.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is an employment-oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps. You can find bilingual customer service jobs with a single click. 

Ziprecruiter – You can search for available jobs in your area using Ziprecruiter. You can work part-time, remote or full time. There are also opportunities for people without experience. 

Glassdoor – On Glassdoor, users not only search and apply for jobs, but they can also view and submit salaries anonymously. It’s a great way to search for bilingual customer service representative jobs.

iVoiceAfrica – iVoiceAfrica is a language and translation company that’s always putting out casting calls for languages. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn @ivoiceafrica to never miss a casting call. 

More Tips to Increase Customer Satisfaction 

  • Invest in customer service training
  • Observe your competitors 
  • Review your customer service frequently 
  • Become customer-centric
  • Carry out surveys and opinion polls regularly 
  • Improve technology used for communication 

We Can Help 

Did you know that iVoiceAfrica has resources cutting across all African countries and languages?  We also have partner agencies that cut across other languages in the world. 

iVoiceAfrica has native voiceover artists and translators who specialise in providing effective customer service and website localization.  

Contact us at or phone +234 7026276411 to make enquiries. 




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