5 Qualities To look out for When Hiring Voice Actors

5 Qualities To look out for When Hiring Voice Actors

Do you need to hire a voice-actor? Whatever your need for a voice-over artist is, you have to be sure you are hiring the best voice actor you can find. While many people claim to be voice actors or voice-over artists, very few are actually professionals, and you may find yourself confused in the process of hiring voice actors.

You should know that voice acting is a diversified industry and it goes beyond just movies, commercials, and cartoons. Video games, audiobooks, and voicemail messages are also considered voice-over work.

When hiring voice actors, you should also consider that that it is not a one size fits all shoe, every gig has its specific vocal needs.

This is why we have compiled a list of the qualities you should look for when hiring voice actors.

  • Versatility

When hiring voice actors, you should check for versatility. Are they flexible? What are the characteristics of their voice? Can they voice the role of a villain in as well as they can play the hero in animations? Can they change their tone to suit your commercial needs? 

While it is not a necessity, it is most definitely a plus if your voice actor can speak with multiple accents.

  • Clarity

Clarity is one of the most important qualities of a good voice actor. Good voice talent should be able to speak with clarity regardless of the roles they are playing.

Before hiring voice actors, you should check for clarity. It doesn’t matter if they are shouting, whimpering, crying, or whispering, a good voice actor should be able to deliver believable results and true human emotion.

This is not as easy as it sounds though.

  • Articulation

One other important speech quality to look for is articulation. But then, you want the voiceover artist to articulate naturally, not force it.

This may seem similar to Clarity, it isn’t the same, the difference is that you want them to be clear and have a nice flow to their speech.

While you may think this is the same as clarity, it’s a little different in the sense that you want them to have a nice flow to their speech.

But, of course, filler words should be a red flag for you. If in the process of trying to sound natural, they inject filler words into their lines, you should excuse yourself.

  • Good Timing and Pacing

Good timing and pacing are very important qualities you should look out for when hiring voice actors.

Some voice actors begin their voicing slowly, but begin to rush when they feel like they are running out of time. This is not something a good voice over artist would do.

A good voice over artist should be able to manage his time with good pacing.

  • Experience

When hiring voice actors, one thing you should look out for is experience.

Voice over is an experience-based job, it has little to do with formal education. When you are giving out voice-over jobs lookout for hands-on experience.

While you should know that most voice actors learn on the job, it is important that you go for a voice actor who has the portfolio that suits the gig. You should also look out for their rates, but that should be after they have met all the criteria you need.

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