5 Popular Voiceover Recording Software in 2021

5 Popular Voiceover Recording Software in 2021

As the name implies, voice recording is simply a way to record your voice for different purposes. It could be for a narration, an audition, a movie dub, a podcast or even just to hear what you sound like!

A very efficient and simple way to do this is by using a voice recording software but not every software gives quality

When it comes to poor, low-quality voice recordings, several things could be the reason…

The most popular reason is the use of a low-quality microphone. And as true as this is, the quality of your software matters as well.

Whether you’re a voiceover artist building a home studio or a vocalist or musician or even a part of a band, having top quality reliable and authentic voice recording software is a necessity.

Pair up an awesome microphone with an awesome recording software and you’ve got an amazing voiceover.

Here are a few things to consider before picking your voice recording software:

  • Collaboration

If you work remotely and needed to collaborate with your clients, will your software be compatible? Using the same software as your client is a huge plus for you. Although, it may be impossible to use the software every client uses, understanding the basic requirements in the industry is a good way to navigate.

  • Are you a beginner or expert?

Most software can be complicated to use. With little to no experience, user and beginner-friendly software is a good way to go. It’s also great for professionals who like ease and can work with any kind of software.

  • How much are you willing to invest?

The amount of money you’re willing to invest in your software depends on your level of professionalism, budget and risk management.

Would you consider yourself a professional artist who needs to have certain software by all means? Are you able to afford this software right now? If you do splurge and purchase it, would it crumble your finances or leave you worried about every expense you make?

These are good questions to ask yourself before choosing a voice recording software.

5 Popular Voice Recording Software For You

A common misconception most people have is usually that when something is free it may not have as much value as a paid version and that isn’t true.

Most free tools are up to par, helping you save your money yet still providing you with quality recordings.

Popular Voice Recording Software in 2021

  1. Audacity

  • Free
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Suitable for new voiceover talents
  • Audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux


  1. Adobe Audition

  • Usually paid version but has free trials
  • Adds narrations to videos in realtime
  • Edit videos to fit on-screen action
  • Control audio levels and allows auto-ducking
  • Available on cross-device on PC, Mac, Phone


  1. Pro Tools

  • Paid but has a free version called Pro Tools First
  • Recommended for working at very professional levels and remote works
  • Relatively expensive but standard in the voiceover industry
  • Allows talents and clients to work together from different locations via cloud collaboration technology


  1. GarageBand

  • Easy user-friendly software for beginner voice over talents
  • Geared for Mac OS users
  • Included free on every Mac computer and laptop
  • Also present on iPhone models
  • Allows for custom recording


  1. Logic

  • Similar to GarageBand
  • Allows recording, programming and editing of high-quality voiceovers
  • Allows built-in audio plugins
  • Has over 66 effect plugins to choose from
  • Only available on mac OS

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