4 Styles of Voiceover Narration To Scale Up Your Business In 2022

4 Styles of Voiceover Narration To Scale Up Your Business In 2022

It’s a new season, and I know one of your goals will be to take your business, projects, etc, to the next level, voiceovers is one of the ways you can sell yourself out there to different potential clients who are interested in what you do.

However, it is apparent and very much imperative for you to know what kind of voice over you will be needing for your business. It won’t be nice for you to do a commercial voiceover when what you need is a Podcast.  This article intends to put you through knowing the kinds of voice-over narration styles and which will be appropriate for your business.

Voiceover industry is a booming industry, with time almost every sector will make use of voiceovers. In voice-over narration, all you hear is a voice who serves as the main character in the event explaining the whole idea to you, while you see actors acting it out. Voiceover narration is a form of mining and expression. Voiceover narration is not a one-way traffic, it can take a different turn, depending on the purpose for which you need it.

The following are the various styles of voiceover narration:

Product Narration: Voice-overs can be used to explain in detail what your product is all about, the voiceover artist must convince your audience to buy your products using the appropriate tone and language. Of course, he is trying to advertise your product to potential clients, therefore his voice must be friendly and loving even without seeing his facial expressions. His voice must convey all expressions intended. A product Narrator highlights and describes products in styles that match the company’s brand.


Website Narration:  The essence of Voice-overs is not only for client’s to patronize you, there is a need for you to keep them glued. What else can you offer them apart from your Products, what keeps them entertained to your page? This is where the Website Narration comes in, what do they see on your website just pictures and scanty words no form of voice to probably welcome them and tell them “Hello”  well if you don’t have nice videos on your website there is a need for you to start packing them in.

Potential clients stay glued to you not only by what they see also by what they hear. For most of those videos, great voice-over narration is not only the sound element of choice, it’s another opportunity for you to better brand your company. Choosing a consistent voice-over narrator for all your videos is a very strong branding choice. Another option is to cast one narrator for one product or one type of video.

Your Website is like your warehouse where the client sees all you have to offer them.


Business Narration: When you are doing a voiceover that has to do with Business Narration, you are telling your potential clients about your history, your brand story, your purpose, your motive, your objectives, your aim, vision and mission and every other thing your client needs to know about your business. Using a voice-over narration for your business captures the heart of potential client’s to patronize your business and even become permanent client’s, the aim of every business is always to keep clients permanently.


Corporate Narration: Corporate bodies take a lot of time, spend a lot of money in building their brands consistently, they keep getting better every year, that way they keep their clients glued to them. Corporate Narration is a voiceover used for different purposes. They differ from businesses in that they are answerable to shareholders who can question every move they make. Therefore, they spend a lot of time on building their brands and getting better every year.

A corporate voice over is the voice overused for a company’s public branding or internal training and instructional products. Corporate Voiceover Narration occurs in two ways, internal voice-over narration whereby content is shared among the employees of the company and External voice-over narration which requires speaking on behalf of the company, introducing the company to the public.


It’s high time to put your business out there using the different Voiceover narration styles to bring your business in the light, put yourself in the faces of people so that you build the right client and make more profit.  Don’t sit and believe your business will only grow within your environment you have every right to take it higher, don’t let anyone stop you.


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