10 Awesome Voice-over Recording Software in 2021

10 Awesome Voice-over Recording Software in 2021

The voice is known to be a powerful tool of communication in everyday life, and this power has been harnessed by many businesses and brands over several years. However, for reasons such as budget restraints, not all businesses would find it feasible to arrange voice-over studios.

We can thank technology for coming to the rescue. With voice-over recording software as substitute for voice-over studios, you can achieve high quality voice over recording as a voice actor setting up a home studio, a vocalist or musician, or a creative professional keen to launch your podcast.

This article will give you all the information you need to select the voice recording software that would best serve to satisfy your needs from the hundreds of available options.

  1. Audacity

If you’ve already explored your options, my bet is that you’d have chanced upon Audacity. It is one of the first voice-over softwares on the market and one of the most popular choices of software for voice over talents. Audacity is free, open-source, features-rich with useful effects and analysis tools, and easy to use. With its regular updates, the software has menus and an improved interface translated into many languages.

It is versatile and generally compatible with all major operating system. The software also supports a host of audio file formats.

  1. GarageBand

Another free software, GarageBand is typically pre-installed in Mac computers and is considered a beginner’s option into audio production. It is fully equipped for music creation and voice over recording and editing. To make it easier to access and process your audio files, the software has  a complete sound library and presets for voice. Its features also make it very easy to use.

Unfortunately, it is an Apple product and is not currently compatible with PC operating systems.

  1. Adobe Audition

One of the best audio recording softwares, this is a powerful workstation and an advanced tool for manipulating voice-over files and recording, editing, and mixing soundtracks. Adobe Audition has a total package of a comprehensive toolset including a multitrack, spectral display, and waveform, offers options of sharing, repairing, deleting and restoring and allows you save multiple files in your computer or cloud.

It is compatible with all major operating systems and though it requires purchasing, Adobe Audition offers free trails.

  1. Avids Pro Tools

Pro Tools offers audio recording software packages that are industry standard. This software provides users several product levels but these are outlined by usage of the program, not by experience level. This means it is more advanced and may be too complicated for beginner use. However there is a new version of ProTools called Pro Tools First, which is entry level and is ideal for students, musicians, and podcasters.

  1. Logic Pro X

Also a product from Apple and more like an upgraded version of GarageBand, Logic is only available for Mac operating systems. But, unlike GarageBand, it is not free and it offers granularity in audio editing. All things considered, Logic Pro X is an amazing and advanced voice-over recording software with a modern interface, quality creative tools and a complete toolkit collection.

  1. Sound Forge Audio Studio 14

Sound Forge does an amazing job as one of the more advanced recording software options. It provides voice artists, musicians, and podcasters an all-encompassing range of tools and functions for all professional digital audio editing requirements. This quality doesn’t come for free though free trails are available.

  1. Goldwave

GoldWave comes widely used and highly rated as a professional digital audio editor. It allows you the tools to do a wide range of tasks right on your device. The software also supports several languages including German, Spanish, French, and Chinese. Goldwave has no free version and it provides licensing options of one year at $15 and a lifetime at $45 to users.

  1. Cubase

If you’re going for a powerful music creation software package, Cubase is your best bet. It has an unrivaled range of flexible tools, virtual instruments, effects and sounds. You can also enjoy its different product levels. However, this professional audio production software has to be purchased and mastered.

  1. Studio One

With an easy to use interface and support for several formats, Studio One is a great voice-over software that gives impressive audio quality. The most amazing thing is that the flexibility that Studio One offers for both beginners and professionals with both free and paid options. Studio One also allows users to share audio files directly to SoundCloud.

  1. Reaper

Reaper is a more affordable audio editing software loaded with features. It  supports multiple file formats, multiple tracks and multichannels. Reaper also allows direct recording into audio files and multiple disks. The software’s interface is customizable and it allows users apply real-time effects non-destructively.

Feel free to explore the software choices mentioned above. We are certain you’d find the one that is absolutely perfect to take your voice over talents to the next level. From commercials to documentaries, a video with an amazingly done voice-over  creates a different, long-lasting and even unforgettable impact.

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