10 Qualities to Watch Out for When Hiring a Voice-over Artist

10 Qualities to Watch Out for When Hiring a Voice-over Artist

Nowadays, it’s quite difficult to know what exactly to watch out for when hiring a voice-over artist. This is because you might have too many entries, and everyone you contacted might pass the interview successfully in fact their Demo’s might sound nice. The aim is for you to find somebody who will fit into your company’s vision. To ease you of what to watch out for, here are ten qualities that should be your guide when you want to hire a voice-over artist:

  • Versatility: How versatile is this intending voice-over artist? Can he switch from being sad to being happy? can he switch accents easily, how vast is he with other languages? Can he introduce you to new ideas or he just goes with the flow? When hiring a voice-over artist you need him/her to be versatile, to teach you new things because it’s not an area you might be familiar with, you might only have the vision of what you want it to look like. You need the person you want to hire to put you through not regarding the fact that you are the one hiring.


  • Experience: Your Voiceover artist must be experienced in his field, he must be able to handle challenges with experience, you don’t have to teach him what to do per time. He must not need your attention every minute, he must do it and you must be glad you hired him. Voice acting isn’t a career that needs you to ask him to present his formal education certificate but he must have taken pieces of training and courses that enable him to be a better voice-over actor per time.

A voice-over artist with good experience doesn’t need to convince you too much, his job will do the talking because he will handle your job with his experience and in a way you will love.


  • Consistency: When hiring a voice actor, there is a probability that you will want to stick with them for a very long time. Sometimes, you might even draw a contract with them. You must ensure, such a voice-over artist, is a consistent person, in all aspects of your collaboration from vocal quality, to timing and availability. You don’t want a voice-over actor that will mess up your job and you keep making corrections over and over.


  • Clarity: You must ensure he clarifies himself enough, ensure he is a man of his words. Don’t hire somebody whom you won’t be able to trust. Ensure he is giving straightforward answers. Ensure he is not a dubious kind of person who just wants to get paid and not do the job. Apart from that, ensure he can deliver your jobs. He must be able to deliver jobs with the audience getting clarity of all he is saying.


  • Appropriate Pacing: Pacing is another thing to watch out for when hiring a voice actor. He might be good at clarity, pronounce words properly but fail at pacing. He must have the right rhythm and tempo. A good voice-over artist will bring the right tempo and rhythm at the right time. But pacing must be observed.


  • Naturally Articulate: Anyone can decide to do a voice-over but not everyone might be articulate. This is another distinct feature to watch out for. You intend to hire a voice-over artist. They must be naturally articulate especially in the language you intend to hire them for. Once the articulate part is lost, you might miss it all. You can’t hire a voice actor who will not flow with the right accent.


  • Performance: Your Voice actor must give a convincing performance. Your intention might be to convince your investors to invest in your business, he must give a performance that will convince them to invest in your business.


  • Goals and Visions: Your intending Voice-over actor must have goals and visions. His goal and vision must align with yours. Don’t hire someone who might not fit into your brand. He must fit into your brand and system of operation.


  • Rate: His rates must be within your budget. Of course, you want quality, quality comes with higher prices but still, it must be reasonable. Fix rates that you are certain will bring you quality. Your voice actor must fit into your rate, don’t hire somebody who is probably trying to out-price himself.


  • Exceptional Enunciation: Apart from pacing, ensure he is pronouncing each word correctly, appropriately and how the people he is trying to record for will understand what he is saying.

Following these rules will ease you off the stress when you want to hire a voice actor. You might have other things you are watching out for, these qualities listed are just to guide you when you want to hire a voice actor.


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